Bunbury Music Festival – Jared Mahone Review

Bunbury Music Festival 2017 – Jared Mahone Review

written by Megan Randall

It takes big talent to command attention on a stage as small as the Southwest Acoustic Stage at Bunbury Music Festival, however, Columbus native Jared Mahone did it with ease. Kicking off his set with acoustic versions of his songs such as a passionate “Come Find You,” Mahone’s smooth voice drew in passer-bys and seemed to be the perfect backdrop for a summer evening along the Ohio River.

He describes his music as “garage soul,” a descriptor that fully encompasses the stirring beats and funky chords within his repertoire of songs. Listeners at Bunbury enjoyed a set list that showed his wide range of musical skills. Mahone’s personal values shone through during the introduction to the gem of his set, “From Joe to Betsy.” He described how much the song’s subjects meant to him, and illustrated how their stories intertwined with his background before quietly gliding into the soft, intimate song.

The set was well attended, though nestled away from the larger stages, and Mahone seemed to gain numerous new fans as was evident by the group gathering around his merch offering afterwards. He is not currently on tour although he is playing sporadic dates in the region; check his Facebook page for upcoming concerts and events.


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