Bunbury Music Festival – 30 Seconds To Mars Review

Bunbury Music Festival 2017 – 30 Seconds To Mars Review

written by Megan Randall

If there’s one thing you won’t see again on future 30 Seconds to Mars tours it’s balloons. Leading off their set at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati on June 4th with fan favorite, “Up in the Air,” the massive crowd cheered enthusiastically while over-sized balloons spilled into the pit. All was well as front man Jared Leto took to the cordoned-off interior aisle to introduce “The Kill” with a sing-a-long introduction. Leto joked as they balloons bounced around him to push them away from his small stage in the sea of attendees, until one overly enthusiastic fan decided to show off his beach volleyball skills and spiked the giant blue orb directly into Leto’s face. Dead silence followed in the next 30 seconds as Leto absorbed what had happened. Then, smiling, he addressed the crowd and quipped, “No more balloons at concerts,” before he launched into the full song.

The set was followed by other favorites like “City of Angels,” but nothing came close to the explosive closing. Before the crew belted out “Closer to the Edge,” they brought fans on stage so they could experience the song within steps of the idolized band. If you missed this amazing set the guys will be stateside again in late July with limited dates. You can see the full tour details at thirtysecondstomars.com/tour/.

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