Bunbury Music Festival – Muse Review

Bunbury Music Festival 2017 – Muse Review
written by Ethan Bielik
Muse is a alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon. Formed in 1994, they have been playing huge sold out shows all around the world since. Filling stadiums, festivals and venues of all kinds.They are an awarding winning band including two Grammy awards, best British live band twice, five MTV music awards, and eight NME awards. They’ve sold 20 million albums worldwide and counting. There most recent album release was “Drones” a concept album about drone warfare.
What can I say. They had the biggest crowd at Bunbury to date. Their lighting set up was amazing and the crowd reaction was phenomenal. To be honest I wasn’t too impressed with their live sound until the last 4 songs. That’s when it started to get really good and they really blew me away. The last song they played Uprising and the crowd went wild. Everyone and myself included was singing along. Muse shot off confetti canons right as Uprising played and it was beautiful. All in all Muse stole the show at Bunbury, rightfully so. It was unlike any performance that entire weekend.

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