Bobaflex Is Set To Release Their Latest “Eloquent Demons” This FRIDAY 8/25! Check Out our Review of the Album HERE!

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Bobaflex has been a power to be reckoned with for almost two decades. Marty McCoy (guitar/vocals), Shaun McCoy (guitar/vocals), Dave Tipple (guitar/vocals), Tommy Johnson (drums), and Jymmy Tolland (bass) have played all lower 48 states over the last 7 years, they have played 100+ shows every year including a record setting 154 in 2016. This constant schedule has crafted the band into one of the tightest live rock n’ roll bands in the country. And on Friday, August 25, they release their 8th studio album called Eloquent Demons.

Eloquent Demons is the follow up to 2015’s Anything That Moves. This is the second album to feature Dave Tipple and Jymmy Tolland and the first album to be released on Thermal Entertainment LLC. The first radio single was a cover of Pink Floyd’s Hey You (check out the video here: https://youtu.be/rm5eWLXW6l4). The second single Long Time Comin’ impacted radio on August 1st. Both are brilliant songs that definitely set the stage for this amazing new release.


Eloquent Demons is already receiving much love from Bobaflex fans. The CD was voted the August 2017 release of the month by Loudwire readers and fans are packing venues to support the new album. I personally think it is some of their best work yet. There are some incredible harmonies and a great diversity of musical styles throughout the 10-track CD. The lyrics are dark and aggressive but also relatable and compelling. The chemistry of the band seems to have really hit a perfect balance and blend.

Every track reminds us of why Bobaflex is still around, selling out venues, and kicking rock and roll ass after 20 years. The intro “Eloquent Demons” sounds like Satan himself assuming the position of leader of the world. It professes that demons – not Democrats, not Republicans, not man – have taken over the world. “One of our own has worked his way through the business world and into the White House!” It’s a powerful political statement made in a 2-minute intro to an album that touches on subjects such as evil and murder and revenge.

I can’t even pick out a favorite track on this album because every song is outstanding in its own way. “I Am A Nightmare” starts with an incredible vocal harmony that almost takes your breath away. “Lights Out” has an aggressive groove and angry lyrics that are kind of a fuck you to the world. I can imagine this song is going to incite a riotous response at live shows. “Off With Your Head” is a musical paradox because the subtle and slow music leads you to assume this song is a rock ballad at its finest, but listen closely. This is not a love song or a sappy ballad. It’s like having your heart ripped out of your chest and watching someone stomp on it for almost five minutes. It’s angry and fierce. I love it.

Bobaflex will be celebrating the release of Eloquent Demons in Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall on Friday in a CD release party and WE WILL BE THERE capturing the band in action! It’s sure to be a rockin’ party that you definitely don’t want to miss! If you can’t make it to Columbus, make sure you catch one of their other shows scheduled throughout the fall and don’t waste a minute waiting to buy this CD. Do it. You won’t regret it.


http://www. theofficialbobaflex.com/


08-25-17 in Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall (CD Release Show)
08-26-17 in Flint, MI at Machine Shop
08-29-17 in Braidwood, IL at Top Fuel Saloon
08-30-17 in St Louis, MO at Firebird
08-31-17 in Saint Joseph, MO at Cafe Acoustic Live
09-01-17 in Springfield, MO at Outland Ballroom
09-06-17 in Texarkana, TX at Brightstar Theaters
09-07-17 in Houston, TX at Proof Rooftop Lounge
09-08-17 in Corpus Christi, TX at Boozerz Rock Bar
09-09-17 in McAllen, TX at Sofie’s “SS” Saloon
09-10-17 in San Antonio, TX at Wax
09-12-17 in El Paso, TX at The Lowbrow Palace
09-14-17 in Flagstaff, AZ at The Green Room
09-15-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Adrenaline Sports Bar
09-16-17 in Los Angeles, CA at Club Los Globos
09-19-17 in Grant Pass, OR at Cedarwood Saloon
09-20-17 in Portland, OR at Rock Hard PDX
09-21-17 in Seattle, WA at Studio Seven
09-22-17 in Spokane, WA at Cruisers
09-23-17 in Lewiston, ID at 3rd Wheel Event Center & Concert Hall
09-24-17 in Jerome, ID at Diamondz Event Center
09-27-17 in Spearfish, SD at Z Bar
09-28-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Big’s Live
09-29-17 in Mankato, MN at Rd Rocks
09-30-17 in Janesville, WI at 94.1 JJO Sonic Boom (festival)
10-01-17 in Chippewa Falls, WI at Every Buddy’s Bar
11-24-17 in Pittsburgh, PA at Diesel Club Lounge
11-25-17 in Niagara Falls, NY at Evening Star Concert Hall

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