Review Of Thousand Foot Krutch’s New Album – Untraveled Roads!

I remember when I saw Thousand Foot Krutch at Rock on the Range in 2014. They were playing on one of the side stages early in the day. I made a concerted effort to get into the stadium in time to see these guys play because I had somehow stumbled upon their album The End Is Where We Begin and I was crazy about every single track. I was pumped to see them live. The crowd was relatively small and the weather was a little rainy, but TFK absolutely rocked that stage and impressed the crowd – myself included.

What I didn’t know at that time is that TFK had already been around for almost a decade before that performance. They had already released seven original albums, four remix albums, and one live album prior to The End Is Where We Begin. They had had several songs on the Billboard charts and had toured with some of my favorite bands. I might have been early to Rock on the Range for their show that day, but I was clearly way late to the TFK party.

That has since been rectified and I am a proud owner of all of their music and can sing along (badly) to almost all of their songs – even the non-released album tracks. Imagine my delight when I found out TFK had released Untraveled Roads – a power-packed, live-in-concert recording featuring eight of the band’s last nine Active Rock radio songs. It’s their second live album and is an incredible compilation of brilliant music from an extremely talented band.

The 12-song collection was recorded during this year’s annual Winter Jam – a traveling Christian music festival that was attended by more than a half a million people. Untraveled Roads focuses exclusively on TFK’s last three albums: 2012’s The End is Where We Begin, 2014’s Oxygen: Inhale and 2016’s Exhale. Those three albums spawned some of their biggest hits including  “Let the Sparks Fly”, “Courtesy Call”, “Untraveled Road”, and  “Running with Giants” – all of which are included on this new release.

TFK band members Trevor McNevan (lead vocals/ songwriter), Joel Bruyere (bass) and Steve Augustine (drummer), along with tour guitarist Andrew Welch, deliver a raw, stadium-shaking live experience on Untraveled Roads. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine you are at a live TFK show.

“This album really captures that high-octane energy and electricity you’re meant to have at a TFK show, giving our new and old friends a taste of what these last three albums sound and feel like!” remarks McNevan, one of the most charismatic and versatile front men in rock music today. “The live aspect has always been a big part of who we are as a band, and what people have come to expect from us.”

TFK has developed a distinctive and successful style that blends hard rock riffs with smooth pop choruses and even infuses some moments of hip hop. It’s appealing to fans of many different styles and allows them to win over just about any crowd. Untraveled Roads has captured that appeal and delivered it in a perfect package for anyone to enjoy anywhere and anytime. Get it. You’ll love it.

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews

Connect with TFK:

Official website: https://thousandfootkrutch.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/ album/7MgmVxLEMPXhkSMVnVJETp

Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/ thousandfootkrutch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ officialtfk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ officialtfk

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ tfkofficial


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