Our Review Of Black Water Rising’s Album “Electrified” Set To Release On November 3rd!


Black Water Rising – “Electrified” – Release date 11/3/2017 on Pavement Music

Since their first release in 2010, Black Water Rising have positioned themselves as a modern rock band that is consistent and hard hitting.  Set to release their third album on Nov 3, 2017 titled “Electrified”, BWR prove they have what it takes to be successful.  Consisting of Rob Traynor (vocals/guitar), Mike Meselsohn (drums), Oddie Mclaughlin (bass), and Dennis Kimak (guitar), BWR maintains a perfect cohesion and complement each other in their music.

There are quite a few standout songs on this release for me, such as the first track “Obey”, with its heavy riffs that knock you on the floor, makes you immediately start moving your head.  Another, “Payback”, which is the first single release with a pre-order, has an anthem feel with its main chorus “Payback is a bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch”, in which I can easily see a live crowd singing along with the band.  “Millennial Zombies” has left quite an impression with the lyric “Digital demon in the palm of your hand”.  This, in my opinion, reminds me how society has become a slave to digital devices and if we will ever be free of its death grip.  It has been a while that a song has made me question daily living and how attached we are to our gadgets.  If that is the intention of this song for the masses, then BWR has delivered in full.  These, along with the rest of the songs, make for a more than enjoyable listening experience which I will come back to again.

Black Water Rising has a solid rock release with Electrified. As soon as you hit play, you want to turn the volume up.  My only hope is that they tour in my direction so I can see them live.

Review by Rene (Metalinmetalout) Botello


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Electrified Track listing:

  1. Obey
  2. The Answer
  3. Payback
  4. Millennial Zombies
  5. Reality Check
  6. Don’t Wait Up
  7. Higher
  8. Electrified
  9. Foolish Pride
  10. Buried in Black
  11. World of Frustration


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