“Lilith proves the Butcher Babies are here to stay indefinitely” Review Of Butcher Babies New Album “Lilith”

I will start by saying that I have been a Butcher Babies fan since I first heard “I smell a Massacre”.  I couldn’t get enough of them. And thankfully, Friday marked the release of their third album titled Lilith on Century Media Records.

I’ve listened to Lilith five times already; it’s on repeat.  This is such a great piece of work from Heidi Shepherd (vocals), Carla Harvey (vocals), Henry Flurry (guitar), Jason Klein (bass), and Chase Brickenden (drums).  The band has grown as musicians and vocalists since their first major release in 2013.  Heidi and Carla can sing with the best of them.  Heidi and Carla can even out-growl some other bands and put them to shame with their ferocity and energy. Henry’s playing is as tight and hard hitting as ever.  Along with Jason keeping the bass low and mean and new member Chase kicking heads on drums; Butcher Babies have a true gem here.  It’s almost impossible to point out songs that stand out more than others.  I’m truly enjoying the hell out of it all.  “Lilith”, which was the first single released on the album, has such a sinister vibe, you can almost feel it slithering out of the speakers. “Headspin” is a melodic earworm with it’s catchy chorus and lyrics such as “Please don’t stop til I’m screaming your name”; it’s sure to become a favorite. There is always a fear if a band can sustain itself after each release without disappointing the fans.  Butcher Babies does not have that problem.  Lilith proves the Butcher Babies are here to stay indefinitely.  Be it having melodies to sing along with or full on thrash metal to head bang and shout out loud to, this band deserves respect and your full undivided attention!

Review by Rene Metalinmetalout Botello


Track Listing:

  1. Burn the Straw Man
  2. Lilith
  3. Headspin
  4. Korova
  5. #iwokeuplikethis
  6. The Huntsman
  7. Controller
  8. Oceana
  9. Look What We’ve Done
  10. Pomona (Shit Happens)
  11. Underground and Overrated


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