Check Out Our Interview With Southern California Rockers THE BLACK HAND!

We had the opportunity to do an interview with Southern California rockers The Black Hand who recently premiered their new video “Where Are You Now?” on Loudwire.

Interview with The Black Hand

The Black Hand reside in Santa Ana, California and have released their self titled debut on Sep 15, 2017.  They are a quick rising band for fans of metalcore genre fueled by raw emotion and energy not afraid to bare it all to the fans.

(RAPMM) First off, thank you for taking the time for this interview. 

(RAPMM) You have a new video release for the song “Where Are You Now” starring Michael Cudlitz portraying a tormented man from his past experiences. How did that come about? Did you already have him in mind for the role?

(The Black Hand) My dad  (Frank John Hughes) is the man who introduced me to metal when I was young. We had talked about collaborating on a video for quite some time, him being a fan of metal and a film-maker made it a no brainer. I was waiting for the right song to come along and that ended up being “Where Are You Now?” I met Cudlitz when I was about 11 years old during the filming of the HBO mini series Band of Brothers. My dad and him both had roles in the series. Every year since then Mike hosts a B.O.B. reunion and we all had the chance to talk about it.

My dad and his best friend/writing partner (also a B.O.B co-star) took my lyrics and wrote a story. Once it was finished we planned everything out and got it done.

(RAPMM) Your self titled debut was recently released; how has the reaction/reception been from fans and peers?

(The Black Hand) The reaction has been humbling, so much support from our fans and friends, which is very rewarding. We worked really hard and we always do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the fans will enjoy it, so we are grateful for such positive responses!

(RAPMM) Are you surprised by the reaction to your music or do you think metal is at a turning point and hungry for aggressive and raw music to fuel their emotional and mental state to help them cope with daily issues (being that music can be an escape or coping mechanism)?

(The Black Hand) With the mainstream world being full of watered down morals, ignorance, false ideals, double standards, segregation, talentless fame, praised stupidity and hollow Icons glorifying corporate agendas, I would say yeah… metal is a breath of fresh air. People are being conditioned to keep quiet, to hate, to live in a constant state of inebriation and metal is full of rebels who defy against keeping quiet. We have our voices and we aren’t afraid to use them. That’s why I love metal, it’s been a great coping mechanism for me and I intend to keep it real, aggressive, and raw.

(RAPMM) Compared to your EP release, were you influenced to change your style direction (metalcore), or did you know the sound you were aiming for? Did this evolve with Chris Rakestraw (Megadeth, Danzig, Motorhead) engineering and producing?

(The Black Hand) Our style changed more or less organically. Chris Rakestraw was there to help guide us to our current potential but we had a solid idea of where we were heading artistically. I’ve always been a fan of rap style lyricism so I wanted to incorporate that, as well as a full spectrum balance to the best of our abilities as to how heavy and light we could go.

(RAPMM) The lyrics seem come from personal experiences (trauma, divorce, death and personal loss); do you feel this will make you vulnerable to the fans in a negative way or something in which they can relate to and possibly be influenced in a positive direction if any?

(The Black Hand) All of my lyrics are stemmed from personal experiences, It’s my life and I think for the most part it will be a positive thing to show that it hurts to live sometimes. Everyone’s life is subject to go up and down, so anyone who would take a negative approach are maybe people who at this time aren’t ready to deal with their own fears. I accept the reality of life’s balance. I have faith in people and I hope my honesty can help people feel less alone in their suffering. Nothing is permanent but everything has meaning and purpose.

(RAPMM) Staying on the subject of the lyrics, do you think revealing these emotions help with the personal healing process of past experiences?

(The Black Hand) Writing Lyrics is what keeps me sane in this crazy world. Once I see my feelings and thoughts in front of me it lessens the weight. Having said that, performing these thoughts and feelings is what truly becomes therapeutic, there’s just nothing like it.

(RAPMM) Where do most of your musical influences come from?

(The Black Hand) Most of my musical influences come from life, but as far as artists I listen to, I love Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, Eminem, Linkin Park, Dr.Dre, Underoath, Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Emmure, Sworn in, Of Mice and Men, Architects, The Used, Tupac, Apothy, Whitechapel, Ect. I could go on forever haha.

(RAPMM) Who would you like to tour with or what composition of bands do you think you would fit best with?

(The Black Hand) I would love to tour with Suicide Silence, Emmure, Sworn in, Attilla, Volumes, Northlane, Architects, and Bring Me The Horizon. I think it would be awesome to play with any of these bands. I have a personal goal to play at least one show with Slipknot!!! My best friend who passed away introduced me to Slipknot’s music and it changed my life. One day I will make that happen in his honor.

(RAPMM) Do you have tour dates available for public release?

(The Black Hand) Currently we do not have tour dates for the public but we have some stuff in the works! You can keep up to date with shows and everything else TBH Via social media and our website: www.theblackhand.band

(RAPMM) Any last words for old and new fans of what they can expect in the coming future for The Black Hand?

(The Black Hand) We will continue to carve our own path, and we will be slaying your city soon. Keep it heavy and keep it Metal.


(RAPMM) Thank you again for your time.  I wish you the best and look forward to your flourishing career!

Interview by Rene Metalinmetalout Botello


You can find The Black Hand online on the following:






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