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I’m a huge fan of female-fronted rock bands. Something about a kick ass woman rocker grabbing the balls of the world with vocal vice grips makes me feel empowered and brings a whole new level of connection to the music. And now I can add Skarlett Riot to my list of female-fronted favorites.


Skarlett Riot is a quartet from the United Kingdom led by the unique and passionate vocals of Skarlett who is joined by supremely talented musicians Danny (guitars/backing vocals), Martin (bass), and Luke (drums). After the success of their Sentience EP in 2016, the rockers began to attract interest from far and wide and soon they had signed a worldwide record deal with the pro-active and forward thinking Swedish label Despotz Records.


The band wasted no time in heading back in to the studio to begin work on their hugely anticipated second album. The new material is harder, heavier, faster but still driven by the anthemic hooks that have kept this band at the forefront of the UK modern metal scene. The result is the amazing new album Regenerate which is now available and will no doubt capture the attention of hordes of new fans.


On Regenerate, Skarlett Riot embraces the anger and aggression of the modern world and lets it fuel some of their most challenging material to date. The commanding voice of Skarlett has taken on a bolder and more forceful presence, while the guitars of Danny are razor sharp and incisive, giving the rhythm section of Luke and Martin the room to progress and expand into a taut, almost hostile driving force.


The album opens with “Break” which is the first single released from Regenerate. This song has an eerie introduction that explodes into fast and furious drums and raging guitar riffs. Skarlett’s voice is strong and melodious and reminds me of Amy Lee from Evanescence – one of my all-time favorites so that’s saying something.


The latest single from Regenerate is the powerful anthem “Warrior.” Like many of the other songs on the album it sends a message of strength and determination and survival. The video for “Warrior”(below) is online now and gives us a chance to experience a visual element of the band’s musicality.


My favorite song on the album is “The Storm.” I love the guitar intro and the thunderous drums throughout. I also like the sweeping feel of the chorus and the lyrical intensity of the verses. It’s a really cool song.


It’s obvious that Skarlett Riot developed and honed their craft; and that they are more comfortable in their darker and heavier guise, with elements of Asking Alexandria, In This Moment and Bullet for My Valentine shining through; opening up all new possibilities for the band.


Skarlett Riot has several tour dates scheduled in November and December throughout Germany and the United Kingdom. Hopefully they will hit the USA with a tour soon because I am sure I’d love this band live.

Skarlett Riot review 2017

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews


Connect with Skarlett Riot

Website: http://www.skarlettriot.bigcartel.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skarlettriotuk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkarlettRiot

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skarlettriot/




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