Wiretap Records releases quarterly charity compilation ATTENTION! A Punk Rock Feast Compilation! 100% proceeds going to the ACLU

Wiretap Records releases quarterly charity compilation ATTENTION!

A Punk Rock Feast Compilation.

100% proceeds going to the ACLU


Los Angeles based label Wiretap Records has released another charity compilation in their “ATTENTION” digital series. The compilation is part of the on-going quarterly compilation series with all proceeds going to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) over the next years.

The 35-track comp, features tracks from Wiretap artists/bands along with tracks from labels like SideOneDummy, Asian Man Records, A-F Records, Big Scary Monsters, Red Scare Industries, Dodgeball Records, The Black Numbers, Take This To Heart Records, Bird Attack Records, Anchor Eighty Four, Hidden Home Recs, Jetsam Flotsam and more.

Tracks from bands such as Iron Chic, Sincere Engineer, Spanish Love Songs, Odd Robot, Such Gold, Big Nothing, Breaklights, Kamikaze Girls, Avenues, Daydream, Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves, Donaher, KNIFEY, and lots more.

You can pick up the compilation for Pay What You Want over at: https://wiretaprecords.bandcamp.com/album/attention-a-punk-rock-feast-compilation.


Young Hunger – The Things I Think (But I Don’t Mean)

Iron Chic – My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)

Breaklights – Runaways

Spanish Love Songs – Buffalo Buffalo

Such Gold – Deep in a Hole

Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves – Excommunicate Me

Big Nothing – Cincinnatti

Sincere Engineer – Shattering

Grieving – Start Young

Kali Masi – Some Friends

donaher – Heather

Harker – Hellion

Wicked Bears – No Vacancy

Odd Robot – Vonnegut

Starving Arts – Found Me Young

Avenues – Supersonic

No Trigger – Holy Punks

Kamikaze Girls – KG Goes To The Pub


Allweather – Home Is Where You Make It

Turnspit – Irish Name

Regarde – Patterns

Living Room – Tinker

In Good Nature – Weathered

Cold Wrecks – Therapy

Slowkiss – Forever Together

Allout Helter – Andromeda IV

HiGH – Evil Gene

Nightmarathons – Damascus

UnderTipper – Stayed Up Too Late

SLED – They Control

Young Harts – Reassured

Static Radio – Songs About Screams

Daydream – Run Walk Run

Save Ends – Heavy Hearts

Follow Wiretap Records at https://www.facebook.com/wiretaprecords

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