BRANDON PHILLIPS AND THE CONDITION Debut Double A-side Single “Heartsick” b/w “Clean and Sober”

Debut Double A-side Single
“Heartsick” b/w “Clean and Sober”

Kick off the new single supporting BØRNS
at KRBZ “The Night The Buzz Stole Christmas” show

Kansas City, Missouri power-pop-soul group, BRANDON PHILLIPS AND THE CONDITION arrive under your tree this holiday season and just in time for Thanksgiving with their catchy-as-hell debut double A-side single “Heartsick” b/w “Clean and Sober”.

The group, which is the early Costello-meets-Motown solo project of Brandon Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits)and features members of The Architects, The Gadjits, The Roseline, Madisen Ward & Mamma Bear and Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type will be kicking off both the release of their galactic debut as well this most-special season of giving and goodwill by supporting BØRNS on 96.5 KRBZ’s “The Night The Buzz Stole Christmas” on Dec. 16 at The Midland Theatre in Kansas City, MO.

“There are these two periods in music other than punk rock that are really special to me,” explains Brandon. “One of them is the soul and girl-group pop of the 60’s and the other is this beautiful moment in the 80’s when all these new wave artists like Elvis Costello and The Pretenders were being openly worshipful of 60’s soul and girl-group sounds.”

 “On their new two-song single “Heartsick”/”Clean and Sober,” Brandon Phillips and The Condition squeeze the very juice from their Costello meets Motown model and emerge with a playful, swinging power-pop-soul that sticks to you like psychic sugar.”  – Ghettoblaster

“… Brandon leads his brethren and band mates in channeling the fantastical meeting of Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello at Motown’s Studio A, with catchy-as-hell results” – Riot Fest

Listen on Spotify:
Brandon Phillips and The Condition squeeze the very juice from their Costello + Motown model with “Heartsick” wherein a swinging, piano-driven soul-bounce lays the foundation for a clever-as-fuck lyric and sweet girl-group harmonies. Deeper still down the new wave-pop-soul rabbit hole goes “Clean and Sober” in which classic Supremes backbeats and Ronettes backing vocals create a beautifully soft landing for a tale of hope from agony.

“We were lucky that when we were kids, we heard groups like the Crystals, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Tom Jones, the Kingsmen, Thin Lizzy and so on,” explains drummer, Adam Phillips.. “There was some kind of genetic marker in that music that left us easy targets for bands like The Ramones, Blondie, Elvis Costello. Once that stuff gets a hold of you, you don’t just walk away from it.”


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