American alternative rockers Restless Streets have unveiled a video for “Dreamers” – another impressive composition off the band’s latest EP – “Together” – that was released to critical acclaim earlier this year, in addition to landing at #8 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart! The success of the record saw Restless Streets obtaining high-profile live performance opportunities alongside artists, such as Poison, Tesla, Emarosa, One OK Rock, Set It Off, Hawthorne Heights and Glassjaw among others, as footages from the aforementioned performances form the the base of the dynamic and energetic video for “Dreamers”. Continuing the tendency created by the previous singles off “Together” (“A Little More Us”“Wrong Kids” and “Twin Flame”“Dreamers”showcases Restless Streets’ ability to delicately portrait and express different emotional stages and states through combining prominent drums, soaring melodic vocals and intricate guitar lines, alongside the accompanying visual presenting the band’s enchanting live presence!

Watch the video for “Dreamers” by clicking on the image below.


Providing further details about “Dreamers”, the band shares“This is a song about perspective. Throughout the track, we talk about the reasons people choose different paths in their lives, and the consequences that come with those choices. The choice we’ve made is to live out a dream. In the song we talk about people passing their judgements on a career in music, and why we all know that we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.”
1. “A Little More Us”
2. “Roots Dig In”
3. “Twin Flame”
4. “Wrong Kids”
5. “Glow”
6. “Drive Fast”
7. “Dreamers”

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