Show Review – A Killer’s Confession – Columbus, Ohio 12/23/17

A Killer’s Confession performed the last show of their 11 show, “A Very Killer Christmas” tour in Columbus, Ohio on 12/23/17.  The band consisting of former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis, bassist JP Cross, guitarist Matt Trumpy, and drummer Jon Dale, came to give everyone a “Killer Christmas”!

The show consisted of several opening bands setting the stage for A Killer’s Confession (AKC) to get up on stage and thrill this crowd at the Alrosa Villa.  When AKC got started they opened up with the title track of their latest album, “Unbroken”.  The guys sounded great! Waylon encouraged the crowd to make some noise as they then rolled into “Rebirth” which had such a visceral sound! Waylon sounded awesome this night in Columbus, Ohio!

The band went on hitting many of the songs on their recent album including, “I Wish”, “Awakening”, “L.O.L.”, and “Sympathy”.  The music swayed from heavy to melodic showing the range that this band has.  The emotions that Waylon displays in his music are palpable, he is feeling the music and really sharing that feeling with the crowd.  The fans at this show were definitely feeling the music and feeding off of the bands energy!  Waylon interacted with the crowd many times and was at the edge of the stage in the fans faces often.  Waylon then at the end of the show advised the crowd, “pick up a small Christmas gift and drop it off at a group home, because those kids won’t get much of anything.”


I spoke with Waylon before the show (see interview) and he said that big things were coming in 2018 for AKC and I believe it!  This is another band you wanna watch in the coming year!



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