The Scars Heal In Time – Our Review Of The Bands Upcoming Album – UN1DENT1F1ED

Houston, Texas’ “The Scars Heal In Time” are soon to release a new EP titled UN1DENT1F1ED in January. 

Sisters Kayla (guitar and vocals) and Tayler Smith (drums) are no strangers to hard work since they first came to the rock scene in 2010 and having most recently toured the majority of 2017. I believe this new EP may be the sledgehammer that breaks opportunity’s door down and takes them to next part of their career.

The first new single “In Your Flame” was released back in Oct 2017 and discusses the touchy subject of drugs and physical abuse. Lyrics from the other songs vary on topic (mind you my interpretation) from loss and betrayal (Grip) to taking a stand for yourself and fighting back (Lights Out).  Overall, these talented rockers are able to write catchy melodic choruses in each song presented. So catchy  that you will be humming them after the first listen just as I have been the past couple of days.

I’ve particularly been singing in my head the chorus to the song Lights Out -”Lights Out, hit the floor; Gonna show you how I settle the score”. If you asked me to pick a favorite out of this EP, it wouldn’t such an easy decision.


The Scars Heal In Time deserve a slot in your music rock collection and radio airplay.  Now lets make that happen for them!


Check out the video for “In Your Flame” below!


UN1DENT1F1ED Track listing:

  1. Lights Out
  2. In Your Flame
  3. Grip
  4. The Curse
  5. I’m About To Break


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Review by Rene Botello for Rock All Photography Music Magazine

Follow Rene’s work at http://metalinmetalout.com/


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