The Nectars Offer A Slice of Visual “Heaven” with New Video

New Jersey alt-punk mavericks THE NECTARS have today revealed the video for their debut single “HEAVEN”, a three and a half minute ride into art-rock debauchery. The video premiered on Substream Magazine this morning, calling it “a brash and devilish track that crawls under your skin… In a world of oversaturation, it takes a lot for anyone to leave an impression. The Nectars have managed to do so with just one song.”

Lo-fi and exciting, the video is a perfect snippet of their charisma and raw energy. It showcases a breakneck ride through the electrifying power of their live performance, with its iconic simplicity accentuating their sheer attitude and sass.

Already kicking up a storm in NYC, their gig at the Mercury Lounge last week has seen instant comparisons to the likes of Blondie and No Doubt alongside the breathlessly trashy excitement of early ‘90s indie-popstars such as Transvision Vamp and Daisy Chainsaw.

The Nectars “Heaven”
Their punk-inflamed guitars, harmonic melodies, trashy beats and raw vocals lay a foundation that’s as influenced by EDM and funk as it is by their scorching live performance. Their approach harkens back to the New York punk / pop scene of the late 70’s, but brings a modernity of sound that these new millennial tech-savvy creatives can lay claim to.

Breaking out of the suburbs of New Jersey, the four-piece consisting of members Jon Paul (bass / vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums / vocals), Michael Baron (guitar / vocals) and lead vocalist Jessica Kenny, have created a style that’s edgy, energetic and full of attitude.


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