Phoenix, Arizona based EYES SET TO KILL are back with a new self titled album – Check out our review here!

Phoenix, Arizona based EYES SET TO KILL are finally back with a new self titled album which was released February 16, 2018.  The new album hits a new direction for the band, which aims for greatness.  Band members include Alexia Rodriguez (vocals, guitar, and keyboards), Caleb Clifton (drums), and A. J. Bartholomew (guitars).

As with any band evolution is part of the process.  Front woman Alexia states “There were times we felt like outside forces may tear us down but found that our music gave us the strength to move on through. We self titled this album because these songs define the toughest moments of our lives as people and artists while also instilling hope when we really needed it most.”  This being said, you can definitely feel the energy and willingness to prove they are far from done.

Their first single Break helps set the tone for the album.  With lyrics such as “Wake up nothing feels the same, I’m not the person I was yesterday”, giving a small insight of how tough times can change a person, but we must persist and keep moving forward.

Another favorite track is Survive. I like the fast pace set in the beginning by the guitars and Caleb’s drumming, yet also the contrast of soft melodies of Alexia’s voice. The lyric “Another chance to survive”, personally reminds me that regardless of what we go through, we are constantly given a chance to make our lives better if we only take the steps necessary.

This album is a great step forward for ESTK.  Alexia’s voice is as beautiful and haunting as ever. Caleb’s stellar drumming and duo guitar riffage from A.J. and Alexia; you will find yourself singing, shouting, and humming along and after repeat listens.

After listening to this album, I want to say thank you to musicians Alexia, Caleb and A.J. who are able to impact so many people by exposing themselves to the world and writing lyrics that many will hold on to dearly.   Whether it gives them hope, insight, or mental fortitude; it’s musical experiences like this that make an album great.

Review written by Rene Botello



Track listing:

  1. Burn Down
  2. Die Trying
  3. Not Sorry
  4. Break
  5. Survive
  6. Never Forget
  7. Saved You with a Lie
  8. Devastated
  9. Letting Go
  10. Misery
  11. Voices
  12. Who We Used to Be


You can find EYES SET TO KILL online at the following:




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