Hatebreed Reminded Columbus Why They Have Been Around 20+ Years! Show Review And Photo Gallery!

Hatebreed brought the “20 Years of Desire & 15 Years of Perseverance Tour” to Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on March 28th, 2018.  Touring with the band this round was Twitching Tongues, The Acacia Strain, and Crowbar!


Twitching Tongues from Los Angeles got the night started off with some crazy metal music and the fans that were filtering into the venue seemed to really enjoy the band and their variety of metal music.


Next up was The Acacia Strain, these guys came out and immediately started to inspire the crowd to thrash around!  The lead singer was fired up and you could feel his energy coming off the stage into the crowd.  The Acacia Strain was crazy!!!  I think the lead singer sprayed the fans in front with water a dozen times in the process of the musical metal mayhem!


Crowbar took the stage as the final act leading up to Hatebreed!  I was really excited to see Crowbar live for the very first time.  I’ve been a fan of their music but missed every opportunity to see them in the past.  Crowbar hails from New Orleans, LA and has been around for a long time,  27 years in fact.  Lead singer Kirk Windstein talked about how they opened for Pantera at the Newport Music Hall a long time ago and how crazy it was for them!  Crowbar’s bio states “I set out to create my own beast and Crowbar was born.” The band’s sound has been labeled Doom-Core by the European press shortly after the debut release of OBEDIENCE THRU SUFFERING. I found it to be quite fitting then and still do honestly. “
Doom-Core is definitely fitting for this band, their riff’s are amazing and they put on a hell of a show!

Check out our photo gallery of Crowbar performing at Newport Music Hall!

Crowbar is:
Kirk Windstein – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Brunson – Guitar
Tommy Buckley – Drums
Todd Strange- Bass


Finally the moment everyone at the Newport Music Hall was waiting for, Hatebreed to take the stage. The house lights dropped and all of a sudden the song “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle started playing, everyone in the place was singing along! Next we see drummer Matt Byrne take the stage and take his seat behind the drum set and the crowd went nuts!  Next, guitarists Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec storm the stage with bassist Chris Beattie and the lights come on and this show is about to fire up!  Then the man, Jamey Jasta comes on stage with a big smile, and tears into “Empty Promises”, “A Call for Blood”, and “Puritan”.  I was photographing the show from the photo pit and man, Jamey Jasta is all over the stage which was awesome! Jamey has so much energy on stage and is such a great entertainer!  The band then performed “Destroy Everything” and the fans really went nuts, I could make out a pit going on in the center and it seemed like total chaos in the crowd!  The band was flawless as usual and really wore out the crowd with the power of Hatebreed’s music! Jamey on numerous occasions stopped to thank the crowd, reached out to smack hands, and pointing out fans and smiling.  I think Jamey’s interactions with the fans make seeing them live a blast!  Hatebreed is not a band that just sits still and plays instruments, they are active, and interactive with the crowd which is great!


If you missed Hatebreed on this run don’t worry, they are firing up another tour towards the end of April 2018 and continues into May.  Check out their site and socials for more information (links below).

Check out our photo gallery of Hatebreed performing at Newport Music Hall!

Hatebreed is:
Jamey Jasta – Vocals
Frank Novinec – Guitar
Chris Beattie – Bass
Wayne Lozinak – Guitar
Matt Byrne – Drums




Hatebreed Photo Gallery


Crowbar Photo Gallery


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