Makeout is on the final run of Vans Warped Tour, Presented By Journeys and we had a chance to chat with them! Check out the interview here!

Makeout is on the final run of Vans Warped Tour, Presented By Journeys (6/21-8/5)


We had the opportunity to interview the band before they hit the road!

RAPMM:  First, thank you for taking time out for answering some questions.  We here at Rock All Photography really appreciate it!

RAPMM: How has the reception been for your album release The Good Life?


MAKEOUT: It’s been really heartwarming to be honest. With everything there’s positive and negative but we hear a lot about kids telling us certain songs are helping them through tough times and that’s amazing.


RAPMM: Did you expect the support you have had from fellow musicians?


MAKEOUT: Not at all. From the outside, we look like we were just thrown together you know? We’ve all been working our butts off for years, and to finally get a break and have some amazing musicians back us is an incredible feeling.


RAPMM: How long had you been working on the songs for The Good Life?


MAKEOUT: I think the first demo for that album was back in 2014/15? Sam was working on stuff like Salt Lake City long before we even got our shot with John Feldmann.


RAPMM: The majority of your songs have sing along choruses (at least this is what I can imagine fans doing), was this intentional when writing?


MAKEOUT: A little bit of yes and a little bit of no? We love pop music, and we’ve always loved bands that bring that audience into their live shows. You leave a show feeling like you were a part of that moment, and you remember it forever, and we aim to bring that to every show as well. To get everyone involved.


RAPMM: You just finished a tour with Icon For Hire; how was the reception from fans?


MAKEOUT: It was awesome, we had the fans coming for us and we won over some from Icon. We had kids, and parents even coming up to us after and telling us they loved the set haha. It was a great tour to be a part of.


RAPMM: How excited are you about touring on the last ever Warped Tour?


MAKEOUT: We can’t get over it! Honestly we’re so excited and grateful to even be considered let alone be on the whole tour. It’s going to be unforgettable!


RAPMM: Would you consider this a dream come true going on tour with so many amazing bands?


MAKEOUT: Oh absolutely! Bands like All Time Low, Underoath, Sum 41, State Champs, we are all massive fans of these bands so yeah, it’s for sure a dream come true.


RAPMM: Any bands you look forward to seeing personally on Warped Tour?


MAKEOUT: As many as we can. We have friends on the tour as well like As It Is, Waterparks, Tonight Alive etc so we’ll be out there singing along to everyone. Especially those HUGE acts that are only on for a show or two. They are a can’t miss.


RAPMM:  Anything special you have planned for your play sets this summer?


MAKEOUT: Not in particular, we do plan on playing songs we haven’t toured before, so that’s always fun for us. We just plan to put on the best, summer-vibe show we can for everyone.


RAPMM: What do you love about music?


MAKOUT: The fact that it can let you time travel. For real, a song can come on shuffle unexpectedly and it’ll take you back to a moment in Time I’m such detail, you feel everything you felt at that time, whether it’s bad or good I think that is so powerful. And hey it’s brings people together as well.


RAPMM: Any last words to fans and what they can look forward to the rest of the year?


MAKOUT: More shows, more videos, maybe more music? Who knows, keep a close eye out xo


More information about Makeout and Vans Warped Tour below:


Tickets for all dates available at: https://vanswarpedtour.com/dates/

‘The Good Life’ out now on Rise Records.

Stream ‘The Good Life’ here: https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/TheGoodLife

Twitter: http://twitter.com/makeoutofficial

Instagram: http://instagram.com/makeoutofficial

Facebook: http://facebook.com/MAKEOUTOFFICIAL


Stream Makeout’s video for “Ride It Out” (*track co-written with Calum and Ashton of 5 Seconds of Summer) here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-5JtX0lNAJ0.


Fusing propulsive punk energy, stadium-size pop prowess, alternative sizzle, and a ball-busting sense of humor, Makeout play the soundtrack to the best night of your life. Think of the Massachusetts quartet—Sam Boxold [vocals, guitar], Tyler Young [guitar], Alex Lofton [bass], and Scott Eckel [drums]—as the illegitimate offspring of Paramore, All Time Low, and Steel Panther, and you’ll be halfway there.
All comparisons aside, Sam sums up the group’s 2017 full-length debut, The Good Life [Rise Records], best…
“The record sounds like a party,” exclaims the frontman. “There are so many different influences touching it, but it doesn’t feel like anybody’s uncomfortable. That’s the kind of party we like!”
Whether or not the last statement is true, Sam and Tyler met each other as high schoolers in the Northeast’s fertile underground music scene (we can confirm that for sure!). After a revolving door of projects, the two joined forces with Alex in Trophy Wives. The group built a serious local buzz, performing on the Massachusetts date of the Warped Tour and winning an Ernie Battle of The Bands judged by none other than iconic GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer John Feldmann [blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sleeping With Sirens].
Impressed by the boys, the studio guru signed them to a production deal. Joined by Australian drummer Scott, they settled on a new moniker, Makeout, and holed up at Feldmann’s home studio for a month in 2016 between dates supporting longtime heroes blink-182. Throughout this whirlwind, they collaborated with the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood as well as legendary skinsman Travis Barker on what would become The Good Life.
“All of those influences are in the record,” Alex goes on. “There’s a diverse feel, because all of these people brought the best out of us.”
“John kept us on our toes,” Sam continues. “One of the biggest influences I felt was from his lyrical attitude. He’ll drive the flow of the vocalist in a very specific direction. He made my vocals sound a little more badass and real. It flowed in a way that there was never a stale moment.”
That holds true for all 12 songs. “Childish” bursts out of the gate on a guitar gallop punctuated by arena-ready percussion and an unshakable chant. “We wanted to write a song about how it feels to be a kid,” explains the singer. “It’s that freedom from jobs and bills. There’s not much drama. It touches on that.”
Meanwhile, the first single “Crazy” explodes into a massive refrain between hilarious hashtaggable admissions such as, “I’m in the studio in fucking Calabasas. The Kardashians live here” and “I can’t go back to working at McDonalds. Can’t afford any more of your Sephora addiction.”
“It’s a lighthearted take on girl trouble,” Sam smiles. “It could be extended to either gender. It resulted from a feel sesh talking about life.”
“Where’s My Charger?” surprises with a subtle twang, while “Blast Off” illuminates their knack for a hard-hitting and heavy hook.
Ultimately, everything is a part of The Good Life Makeout encourage…
“Being in a band and doing this professionally is something we’ve all really wanted for a long time,” Tyler leaves off. “To us, this is The Good Life. We hope everyone gets to live their version of it.”

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