Divided Minds Fresh Pop Punk with Their New EP: ‘Mood Swings’

Divided Minds Fresh Pop Punk with Their New EP: ‘Mood Swings’

by Caren O’toole

(PC: Jenny Kaufman and Nahnala Guerrero)


There is something beautiful about the genre of pop-punk; a twist of alternative, hints of angst, a dash of pop, and don’t forget the unforgettable lyrics in the breakdowns and bridges that we always scream at the top of our lungs.


Shortly after signing with We Are Triumphant, Divided Minds would give the pop-punk world a release to remember: Mood Swings.


Fitting with the title name, this six piece EP delivers a roller coaster of emotions. It begins with “Norterra Parkway”, a song that is hopeful and passionate in love. Filled with beautiful lyrics and a magical vibe that reminds you of that special one from long ago – or even that special someone you’re holding hands with now – any listener cannot help but shout the line: “I just might cry, you mean the world to me.”


Despite the first track being filled with happiness, life still has its ups and downs. “I Forgot You” is a big middle finger to those who bring us down to our lowest moments. The anthem-like chorus will have any audience jumping out of their seats as the bass and drums set the perfect rhythm to a even more perfect mosh pit to break out in the crowd, or even if you have your headphones in as you relax in your bedroom.


The final track, “Life’s Overrated” carries a heavy impression. A impression that brings into light how life may be very well feel overrated at times, but there is still so much more out there to keep everyone going; to keep trying as everyone searches to figure out who they are. It’s critical to remember that “my heart will always remain” even if the road ahead of us is filled with constant mood swings.


Throughout each track, Divided Minds has created Mood Swings to have songs that are filled with a true heart in expressing what is honestly on their minds. With powerful lyrics that stir up your own emotions, along with delicately structured instruments, this Phoenix, Arizona band has produced an absolute banger of an EP.

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