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Hot on the heels of the release of first single “Got Me Rockin’“, Southern California based Them Evils are set to release an EP of epic Rock N’ Roll swagger titled “Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free” on May 4th through Burning Records.  Both were produced by Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Blondie, Drowning Pool, Pierce the Veil). The band is to embark on a national tour that will include stops at Welcome To Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, and Rock On The Range.

Them Evils have started off fast and are accelerating rapidly with “Got Me Rockin'”, which premiered @ Loudwire. Key playlist adds on Spotify Rock Hard and Loudwire Wired Weekly; and Google Play Music Rock Hotlist and Hard Rock Hotlist radio are helping the band gain early momentum. A video for “Got Me Rockin'” will debut in early May.

Them Evils‘ late-night joyride through Rock N’ Roll’s seedy underbelly was born in the shadows of neon vice and nocturnal living in Las Vegas, when Jordan and Jake met in High School.  They started writing and playing together and knew that they had a chemistry that was undeniable. In 2013 they made the move to Southern California to pursue their music professionally – with nothing to fall back on other than their drive and belief in their music and each other. They connected with David through a friend that worked at a bar with Jordan and who knew they were looking for a permanent drummer. Delaney auditioned for Griffin and Massanari, and all 3 knew it was a good fit immediately. The nasty energy befitting their name grew from there.

Inspired by equal parts of rock giants like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Queens of The Stone Age, among others, the band pays tribute to their roots while carving out their own unique sound.  Them Evils music is at times throwback without being too derivative and is thoroughly modern. “We pretty much made our own scene,” Griffin says. “We started out doing straight up rock and roll, and that’s what we’re still doing… That said, we’re always evolving.”

The band has released Two EPs: their debut Cold Black Love (2015) and the self-titled Them Evils (2016). They made inroads @ Active Rock Radio in 2017 with “She Got Nothin“, which peaked @ #22 on the BDS Rock Indicator chart.

They were born for the stage and have been road warriors for the past 4 years – the band have caught the ear of no less an icon than Zakk Wylde, who had them open for Zakk Sabbath in 2017.  They have been constantly touring clubs, as well as with The Pretty Reckless, Alter Bridge, and 10 Years, among others. More tour dates being booked for the summer.


Check out our interview with Jake from Them Evils below!


Rene RAPMM:                  Hi, I’m Rene with RockAllPhotography.com and today I have Jake from the band Them Evils. Jake. Thanks for joining me today.

Jake “Them Evils”:           Thanks so much for having me.

Rene RAPMM:                  Of course, for anybody that hasn’t heard of the band Them Evils, can you describe your sound?

Jake “Them Evils”:           Classic Rock with a modern roll, a modern spin on just good old rock and roll.

Rene RAPMM:                  Yeah! When I listened to your songs it reminded me of some good, party, rock and roll. It’s a kind of a flashback with a modern twist like you’re saying.

Jake “Them Evils”:           Yeah man, that’s exactly what we’re going for. You know, the good old times of the seventies and eighties and rock and roll.

Rene RAPMM:                   I think you all nailed that sound pretty spot on and you know it’s pretty great. It’s a breath of fresh air to have something like that to just have some good time party sounding music.

Jake “Them Evils”:           Yeah man. We like to play music like that, you know, make people enjoy themselves and create a fun environment for everyone listening.

Rene RAPMM:                  So where did y’all get the name for the band Them Evils?

Jake “Them Evils”:            It actually came from Jordan our singer, his mom was a texting the word Temecula, California and auto-corrected to “Them Evils”. We said hey that name sounds cool, let’s go with that.

Rene RAPMM:                   But it stuck it and it stands out.

Jake “Them Evils”:           Exactly! It’s dark.

Rene RAPMM:                   It worked out for a reason! Them Evils have an EP* coming out on May the 4th. Can you tell me about that? How was the writing process? Did you all have songs already ready to go when you went into the studio? Or did you all put everything together when you were in studio? *Pre Order Them Evils EP on iTunes

Jake “Them Evils”:          It was a little bit of both as we’ve been touring a lot over the last 2 years. Even though it’s been busy, you kind of have to sit down and write. We went into the studio with a general outline of different songs. Then we bounced stuff off each other and we had an outline for everything when we finally got in tracking.

Rene RAPMM:                  When you all write, is it a group effort or does one comes person come up with some melodies, chords, riffs… anything like that?

Jake “Them Evils”:          For the most part it is definitely all three of us. Jordan definitely writes riff’s like crazy so we’ve always got something to work with and that’s kind of where we started. A lot of the time Jordan will come up with a riff and say hey we can build something off this. And then the three of us will kind of sit in a little room together and see what we can come up with.

Rene RAPMM:                  So this is your 3rd EP coming out?

Jake “Them Evils”:          We sorta consider it our second EP. The first one wasn’t really an official release. It was a little lower quality than what we would like. We were just starting out. We have two new versions of older songs that were originally on the first one that will be on the new EP.

Rene RAPMM:                  So you are about to start a headline tour. Are you excited to get back on the road?

Jake “Them Evils”:          We’ve been out for two weeks now, we’ve been out with a band called Red Sun Rising and today is our last show with them. Tomorrow we start our headlining and festival run.

Rene RAPMM:                  So how’s the reaction been to the music for anybody who hasn’t heard you all before? People are like who’s this band playing and then afterwards; how’s that been?

Jake “Them Evils”:          Great, the fans of Red Sun Rising have been very receptive towards the music.

Rene RAPMM:                 So speaking about touring, what’s your favorite part about playing live?

Jake “Them Evils”:          Getting people hyped on music and seeing the reactions, there’s no better feeling than playing a show and have people coming up to you afterwards. But that’s definitely one of the most fun parts for me, seeing that reaction

Rene RAPMM:                  Before you all go on stage, do you all have any pre-show rituals?

Jake “Them Evils”:            We’ll do a shot or two. Nothing crazy, but Jordan does a lot of warm ups. Like an hour or so before the show. three of us sitting in a room together and really getting on the same page so when we get up there we give it the best show we can.

Rene RAPMM:                  Now you all have a single, “Got Me rocking” and from what I’ve been reading, it’s been getting great reviews and positive response.

Jake “Them Evils”:          Yeah, man, it’s awesome. You never really know, because it’s not necessarily a different direction of music we’ve put out before but more the direction that we’d like to be heading. The responses and reactions we’ve gotten from it now is incredible.  We haven’t really heard too much negative about it!

Rene RAPMM:                  Talking about touring and if you could make a dream tour that you could be on, who would you want to be touring with?

Jake “Them Evils”:          AC/DC, Jet, and Queens of the Stone Age

Rene RAPMM:                  Now, do you all gather any kind of inspiration from that sound? Is that what you all grew up with? What has more meaning to you?

Jake “Them Evils”:          I think it’s both. We all grew up with that stuff. It’s also a huge inspiration when it comes to the music we write, especially AC/DC and Jet. Jet kind of personified the classic rock with the modern roll when they first came out and that’s kind of the exact thing we’re trying to do. We are also super AC/DC influenced as well.

Rene RAPMM:                  So how long have your stage performances been? Like 20, 25 minutes or what?

Jake “Them Evils”:            Right now about 40 minutes and then when we are the headliner it will probably be around 45 minutes. For the festivals we are doing I think we have about 30 minutes and have to keep it short.

Rene RAPMM:                  It’s got to be nice to be able to play longer compared to when you’re first starting out and you’re the opening band for like 20 minutes and then out of there.

Jake “Them Evils”:            Yes. You know, you don’t really have much time to get your point across. You got to come out strong and do it quick. All the tours we’ve done leading up to today have mostly been support tours for bigger bands that has been a little shorter.  It’s nice to have a little more wiggle room as far as time goes to do a bit more playing and whatnot. It’s definitely a lot more draining energy wise though but it’s been fun!

Rene RAPMM:                  So overall, generally speaking what is it for yourself that you love about music?

Jake “Them Evils”:            For me, like I say,  it’s an interesting thing where you can just create any kind of atmosphere. Create a head space or a way music can relate to memories and situational changes. So that’s kind of what we like to bring on the table when we’re writing

Rene RAPMM:                  So where can our audience find you online obviously have Facebook right? Then what else?

Jake “Them Evils”:            Yeah, we’re on all that good stuff ThemEvils.com is kind of a nice, a central place for all of our social sites. We have Twitter and links to our Facebook and Instagram. We also have a pledge music campaign going on for our new record which is also linked to our website. There you can find like a bunch of cool little merch bundles, like special offers for our upcoming tour like VIP packages and whatnot. So that’s definitely something to check out as well. (see all links to the band below)

Rene RAPMM:                   So anybody that is looking for pre orders, or pre order bundles can check out your pledge music site.  You know that stuff makes it a hell of a lot more interesting for fans. Once audiences hear you I’m sure they are going to want to get more than just the basic CD.

Jake “Them Evils”:          Yeah! Just a little more experience for fans they feel like they are actually part of the album process with pledge music, which for me I think is really cool.

Rene RAPMM:                  So any last words for the fans out there, what they’re going to expect next from you, because you have currently this headlining tour that will be going through May? Anything else you after that?

Jake “Them Evils”:            After that we’ll probably just take a little bit of time, write some more music, and then do more touring it’s what we like to do and what we are best at. So we’ll get back out on the road as quickly as possible!

Rene RAPMM:                  Excellent job. Again, thank you for taking time out on your tour a, have a safe trip and enjoy the rest of your tour around.

Jake “Them Evils”:           Of course. Thank you so much for having me.



Connect with Them Evils:

Pledge Music campaign:



Pre-order the EP on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rollin-stoned-and-livin-free-ep/1365172355  


Also be sure to check out and give a listen to Them Evils at the following sources:

Spotify – Rock Hard Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWWJOmJ7nRx0C?si=qN-SfZrPRn-lea_LFC29Sg

Google Play Music – Rock Hotlist Radiohttps://play.google.com/music/preview/r/Lsad2hwdd4yqeyy5eihyf6d6fgm

Google Play Music – Hard Rock Hotlist Radiohttps://play.google.com/music/preview/Lrowhjrnoa4744tdbtiy5d3ypzu

Spotify – Loudwire Weekly Wire playlisthttps://spoti.fi/2Gparae


Them Evils Tour Dates:

April 24 – Houston, Texas @ Satellite Bar
April 26 – Mobile, Ala. @ The Merry Widow
April 27 – Jacksonville, Fla. @ Welcome to Rockville – River Stage @ 2:40 p.m.

May 1 – Birmingham, Ala. @ The Nick
May 2 – Memphis, Tenn. @ Hi Tone
May 3 – Nashville, Tenn. @ The High Watt
May 5 – Concord, N.C. @ Carolina Rebellion
May 8 – Richmond, Va. @ The Camel
May 9 – Washington, D.C. @ Songbyrd
May 10 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Ortlieb’s
May 11 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Saint Vitus
May 12 – Hartford, Ct. @ The Webster (Underground)
May 16 – Lancaster, Pa. @ Chameleon Club (Lizard Lounge)
May 19 – Columbus, Ohio @ Rock on the Range
May 20 – Cleveland, Ohio @ Grog Shop
May 22 – Pittsburgh, Pa. @ The Smiling Moose
May 23 – Detroit, Mich. @ PJ’s Lager House
May 24 – Chicago, Ill. @ Beat Kitchen
May 25 – St. Paul, Minn. @ Turf Club
May 26 – Omaha, Neb. @ Lookout Lounge
May 27 – Fort Collins, Colo. @ Hodi’s Half Note
May 29 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Metro Bar




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