45 To Argos – Band Interview – Check Out Their Latest Music Video “Dreamcatcher”

Interview with 45 To Argos, check out links to the band and their music video for “Dreamcatcher” below



How would you define your sound and how does what you write reflect what is happening around you?


Brandon G.: We are an alternative rock band that likes to experiment. Some stuff is softer while some stuff is a bit heavier. All of our songs are about our mindsets or the personal events in our lives. We try to convey how we feel through our music.


How is the music scene in Michigan?


Brandon G.: Interestingly enough we’ve found ourselves playing in Indiana much more than Michigan. The scene in Indiana is filled with mostly original bands, usually metal or alternative, with a few cover bands here and there. A lot of people in these bands are tight with each other and watch each other’s backs, so that’s cool.


How does it compare to the other cities and towns you perform at? Do you find people are music and music is people wherever you play?


Brandon C.: We haven’t traveled around enough to get an accurate comparison between scenes. We’ve learned that Chicago has been a tough scene to draw a crowd, though.


Who were some of your musical influences growing up? How about currently?


Brandon G.: We grew up listening to Green Day, The Offspring, Metallica, Halestorm, Ozzy, and Led Zeppelin. Nowadays we have expanded our musical tastes to bands like Nothing More, Royal Blood, Dance Gavin Dance, Panic! At The Disco, Florence + The Machine, and Periphery.


In 2017 you released a song “Dementia” that sound seemed to reach from something personal, can you elaborate?


Brandon G.: The song is about self-destruction in all its various forms. It’s about losing yourself in mental battles you can’t control, such as dementia, toxic relationships, and addictions.


What have been some of your great challenges as a band so far? How about accomplishments?


Brandon G.: The greatest challenge we’ve overcome as a band was just finding the right people to make music with. That’s honestly one of the biggest issues many bands today face. Our biggest accomplishments come in the form of crowd reactions at our shows. We like to edit our show to make it the best we possibly can, and it’s really great to see positive reactions from people when we perform it.


Talk about your current music video/single “Dreamcatcher.”


Brandon C.: The song is about achieving your goals, lifelong aspirations, and freedom to be yourself. The video is about us being ourselves. When we’re together, we like to goof around and be weird. We wanted to translate that into a video. We went to the store and bought a bunch of random items that we thought we could have fun with the video and just went for it.


The music video for “Dreamcatcher” is a great video. Do you feel that sometimes keeping the music/video/performance

simple is best?


Brandon G.: Thank you. The music/video /performance of a song is all dependent on the meaning of the song in question. Some things work for some songs while some don’t. We like to take a step back and look at the big picture when creating our music and videos.


What does 45 To Argos have planned for their summer? Where can your fans find you?


Brandon G.: We really want to venture out this summer and play as many shows as possible. Maybe even go on a tour. We really stay in the northern Indiana / southern Michigan area, but if fans want to find out where we’re playing next they can look at our facebook page or website ( 45toargos.com ).







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