Interview with South American Rocker’s The ReaKtion – Be sure to check out their album “Similitude”!

The ReAktion is a South American Rock band from Santiago, Chile. Formed in 2010, the band developed a unique sound based on elements of rock, metal, and electronic music. The band has been around since 2010 and they have toured the USA as direct support alongside OTEP, Tantric, Eyes Set to Kill, Hollywood Undead as well as playing the annual Knotfest.  The ReaKtion recorded their latest album “Similitude” in Santiago Chile.

We had an opportunity to speak with this great group of guys so check out what they had to say!  Also be sure to check out links to the band below and follow them online!


1) RAPMM: Can you tell our readers about who The ReAktion is and where you are all from?

The ReaKtion: We are a rock band impulsed and known for speaking up for those who are cast aside, banished and remain silent. We are a heavy expression that gathers Simon Rojas (vocals, guitar) and brothers Virgo (drums) and Esteban Domic (bass). All three of us Chileans, pirates, looking for a place to fit in this world.


2) RAPMM: How did you come up with your band name? Is there a significance to the way it’s spelled and the capital A?

The ReaKtion: Because we react to social ideologies and actions. And about the spelling, since we don’t follow normal rules, CApitaL letters and gRAmmAr are not our thing…..we just write however we please. Siempre libre


3) RAPMM: What genre of music would you classify your music as?


The ReaKtion: We don’t believe in classifications, nor musical, nor conceptual. But we could say it is an absurd rock with bursts of sanity. Since we live on a music industry period, I guess we need to say something like glam, punk, grunge, or metal… because people need to feel recognized by labels. So just to say something, we could label it as “Modern Rock n’ Roll”.


4) RAPMM: We heard you are going to try to tour the United States soon, any updates on that?  Are there certain areas of the US you would like to visit and play?

The ReaKtion: Yes, indeed. We are currently struggling with being a latin origin band who’s moving to Northern America. When that situation gets solved, we will be there touring that beautiful land, as well as many others. As much as a preference of where to visit and play, we don’t have one as a band. Maybe for Simon would be Seattle, because he has never been there before and since it gave birth to the origins of Grunge and stuff.


5) RAPMM: If you could pick two bands that your dream tour would be with, who would those two bands be?

The ReaKtion: We would love to get on tour with Tenacious D and others.


6) RAPMM: What has been the biggest highlight for the band since its formation?

The ReaKtion: That we met each other and we are still alive.


7) RAPMM: Do you guys have plans for more new music? Any inside information we can share with our readers?

The ReaKtion: The band’s current constellation has breed a constant state of recording. New ideas find their way to our ears on a daily basis, as we discover new colors understanding deeper our reaction. We’ve got a lot of material ready to be reacted to.  Lies & prayers became a Chess game to many. Like a Trick or Treat that if solved can get us to High Vibes in Seven hours.  Generating a Revelation to feel Love;  so that you can become… The KinG oF tHe pARTy.




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