Great night of music by City of the Weak, Echo Black, and In Loving Memory! Check out photo’s and review of the show here!

Three bands with distinctly different vibes united a crowd of music lovers at the Therapy Café in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday night, April 29.


The venue was nestled in an alley courtyard in downtown Dayton and was decorated in a simple décor with a great bar and friendly staff. Dim the lights, turn up the sound, and you have a perfect venue for a night of live music.


New York metal trio In Loving Memory opened the show with their high-energy blend of pop, metal and “everything in between.” Band members Naveed Stone (vocals), Vito Racanelli (guitar), and Thomas Diognardi (drums/production) got the crowd pumped and ready to rock.


Next up was fellow New Yorkers Echo Black. Formed by frontman Danny Blu in 2015, Echo Black is a dance rock band drawing on the differing influences of each unique member. Citing the significance of artists from Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie to New Jersey punk and 80s hair bands, these guys have the most interesting and unique sound that I’ve heard in a long time.


Echo Black played several songs off of their debut album Dawn, which was released in October of last year. The band seemed to have quite a following and one woman even drove all the way from West Virginia just to see the live show. She certainly wasn’t disappointed. Not only is Echo Black a tight and talented group of musicians, but they are also tremendous showmen. The little stage couldn’t hold their energy and band members were out with the crowd more than once.

We also had the opportunity to interview Echo Black at the Dayton, Ohio show.  Click here for the interview.

Click here to see photo’s from Echo Black’s set in Dayton, Ohio.


It was their first time in Dayton, Ohio and City of the Weak made quite an impression as the headliners of the night. This Minnesota-based band captures a modern rock ‘n roll sound that is so perfectly defined, combining catchy pop melodies with rhythmic riffs and moving bass lines to create a genre of their own. They are best known for their intensity on stage, as well as their big personalities off the stage. I loved witnessing that first-hand at the Therapy Café show.


Stef with an F. (vocals), Brent (guitar), and Cody (bass) wowed the crowd with songs from their two EPs – White Fire Alarm from 2013 and Disclosure from 2014. They also played singles “Censor This,” “Ungrateful,” and their newest single “Pardon Me,” which is an incredible cover of the Incubus tune from 2004. Through every song singer Stef displayed her sassy style and animated antics. It was so fun and fantastic. The only bad part of the night was when it was over.

Click here to see photo’s from City of the Weak’s set in Dayton, OH

Review by Cathy Moore (Moore Rock Shots and Review

Photo’s by Nikki Forte


Connect with City of the Weak


Connect with Echo Black


Connect with In Loving Memory



Check out photo’s of Echo Black from their Dayton, OH performance below:


Check out photo’s of City of the Weak from their Dayton, OH performance below:


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