Check out our interview with Vendetta Red! Also check their latest release “Quinceañera”

How many full-length album/EP’s and singles has Vendetta Red produced and released now?
We have made 6 albums and about 5 e.p.s to date. We also have a ton of unreleased and b-side stuff I would like to release someday.

What made you decide to release a full-length album? 


The opportunity came up through Cleopatra to make a full length and record it entirely ourselves which is something we’ve always wanted to do so, we jumped on it.

How has it stood up in a time where every band seems to be dropping singles alone?

I talk to a lot of our fans pretty regularly and it seems like people really miss the album and the c.d. full-length experience. I for one am an album guy myself. I really enjoy the entire work from an artist and love getting completely immersed in an album for the hour it takes to listen to it.


You chose “Encantado” to be your first single. How did this choice come about for the band?
Encantado was the first track we had a solid mix on and the label really loved. Who am I to argue with that? Ha! actually, I am just really thankful that we have a single these days.

Will you be looking at doing a film music video for “Encantado” down the road?

Yes, we are talking with some talented directors at this very moment and should have something dialed in very soon.

With this being your 5 or is it 6th album release what have you found to be the greatest challenge as a band each time you go into the studio and decide it is time to record our next work?
Who all did you work with on this album?
This record Burke and I produced, and Burke recorded, mixed and mastered the entire thing. My wife Allison made the artwork so it was an entirely “In-house” experience.


How did today’s Seattle scene influence the direction each track took on the album?
I’m not really sure that the current Seattle scene had any kind of influence on this record in particular. I personally had been listening to a lot of Pablo Honey-era Radiohead and Janes Addiction so those were my biggest influences.


Who were some of your early influences and are you able to say they still have an influence on what you are drawn to today?
Well, the 2 aforementioned bands for sure, along with Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie, Morrisey, Echo and the Bunnymen and Pantera. I still get a thrill listening to all those records.

Are you all looking to tour with this album’s release?

Yes indeed. We just finished a midwest run with Puddle of Mud and Saving Abel and Tantric. We will most likely be reuniting with those bands this summer for sure. We also plan on getting to Europe again because it has been waaaay too long.


What can we find you doing next?
After this interview, I have 3 more to get done today so that’s kinda my Monday HA HA. But seriously we want to tour this summer and make another album this winter.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/MmNrhCVGDCE



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