At The Gates deliver A WORK OF ART! Review of “To Drink From The Night Itself”

Gothenburg’s heir to Swedens death metal throne At The Gates are back with a new album titled To Drink From the Night Itself which will be released on May 18, 2018 via Century Media Records.  The concept was derived from German writer Peter Weiss and his novel The Aesthetics of Resistance which discusses a struggle or resistance in which there is no victory, but with the concept that you must persist.

The second single Daggers of Black Haze softly starts with a beautiful piano and wind instruments intro, but then suddenly changes tempo as soon as the crushing guitars kick in to let you know they are still metal as hell! One of my favorite tracks was their first single To Drink From the Night Itself.  The fast pace of thick guitar riffs, low dark bass and open live sounding drums lay the perfect groundwork for Tomas Linberg’s gutteral vocals.  The song The Colours of the Beast gave me a visual imagery of an actual beast crawling from the blackest depths doing all it can to take you under; similar to the struggles of life pulling you down. Half way through the song, you might glimpse a sliver of light in which you try your hardest to reach out for, never giving up the fight, never submitting to the darkness. At least this was the impression left on me after repeat listens.  I find it amazing of what a song can accomplish in such a short amount of time.

With this album, At The Gates were able to explore and be more creative in their sound which is reflected in the album as a whole.  Unlike many bands of today that feel they need to squeeze in as many notes as possible in a song, At The Gates are masters of their genre; each note is meaningful, precise and deliberate.  After having feasted on this new album, my hunger for Sweden metal is completely filled and overflowing.  Nothing is overdone, rushed or wasted.  You can tell that great care and patience was taken to produce a polished work of art.












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