Rome Hero Foxes Premieres New Single “18 Summers” via The Noise!

Rome Hero Foxes
Premieres New Single
“18 Summers” via The Noise
Sophomore Album
18 Summers
To Be Released July 27th, 2018
June 19, 2018 – Houston, TX – Houston quintet Rome Hero Foxes is thrilled to share “18 Summers,” the title track from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album. Fans can stream the song, which boasts driving melodies and beachy guitar riffs, now on The Noise18 Summers will be released on July 27th, 2018. For more information, please visit: romeherofoxes.com
’18 Summers’ was the last track written from the album and it was the missing piece that tied it all together,” the band shares. “It summarizes the concept with its abrupt beginning, quickly running through a timeline of events that caused summers, growth, and mistakes to repeat to no end where the same question still remains. Am I not cool enough for you?
Rome Hero Foxes named their sophomore LP 18 Summers, but it more accurately describes the band’s beginnings. Shortly after graduating high school, the quintet was discovered in 2016 by Dance Gavin Dance’s Kurt Travis and released For When You’re Falling Backwards. As far as debuts go, its expanse melded the urgency of post-hardcore with an inward gaze offsetting any chaos. That introspection, bent over swirling guitars and mesmerizing vocal lines, led to reinvention. Instead of baring their teeth through arrangements that spiraled and warped, the band took a self-imposed journey into simpler territory. A pair of twin EPs, I/O and Horoscope, reset Rome Hero Foxes as a group indebted to surf rock and indie pop instead of gnarlier waves, with the latter predicting their shimmering follow-up. Enter the real 18 Summers.
“During this time of writing all of this material, it made me envision all these songs as this sort of time capsule-like void or world where time is slow but life keeps moving faster,” vocalist and rhythm guitarist CJ Burton explains. With that definition in mind, it’s easy to understand the varied warmth and speeds put to tape here. Seattle Queen,” with Andrew Hagan’s percolating keyboards leading the way, places love’s angled complexities behind a slice of bubblegum pop. Chest Piece splits its pathway between R&B schmaltz and vaulted pop-punk. Other fare, like the Black Mirror nod “San Junipero,” heighten interpersonal highs to infectious, but experimental highs. It’s the only track that reminds listeners of the band’s darker roots, with flecks of mathy guitar flanking verses. This album is as concerned with love as it is with its absence in the face of growing older and growing apart.
18 Summers enters like a dream – abrupt and disorienting – before adjusting to this new state with enthusiasm. This eternal sunshine captures a world where time is relative: sit back, relax, and dive in. Because here, love reigns supreme.
Rome Hero Foxes is CJ Burton (vocals, guitar), Andrew Hagan (vocals, keys), Michael Fox (guitar), Emilio Garcia-Caro (bass), and Adrian Romero (drums).
For more information:
18 Summers Track Listing:
1. Lost In A Room
2. Break Your Own Bones
3. Chest Piece
4. 18 Summers
5. Be Your Side
6. Don’t Call My Name
7. San Junipero
8. Don’t Close The Door
9. Seattle Queen
10. Good For You



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