Marduk has brought black metal back from the depths of hell for their new release “Viktoria” which will be released to the masses on 6/22/18 on Century Media Records – Check out our review!

Review by Rene Botello

Marduk has brought black metal back from the depths of hell for their new release Viktoria which will be released to the masses on June 22, 2018 on Century Media Records. For 28 years this band has proven to be one of the most brutal and vile black metal bands around. They have achieved something quite disturbing musically throughout this record.  Blastbeats- check, chainsaw riffing- check, sonic doom bringing bass- check, demonic vocals- check. While listening to this, you could feel the blasphemous atrocity spewing forth from the darkest parts of night, lending itself to anyone brave enough to listen. This is for those that love the bleakest of dark metal and not for the faint of heart.

Their single Werwolf gives some diversity to this album by bringing in elements of punk rock laced with Marduk’s signature sound for about half the track. Then for the last half, blast beats kick in reminding you darkness still lurks.  The song is as brutal as it’s topic of how in the 1940’s Germany developed a secret resistance force to cause chaos and destruction behind enemy lines. Another blistering track is Viktoria, in which breakneck speed kicks in with waves of emotion filling in the main chorus.  

Marduk have produced something that others are unable to, with a black hardened lifeless heart. I felt uneasy listening to these songs; which may be the exact intention of the band.  So, if you have the stomach for it and the steel will of vantablack, then pick this album up this Friday and let the rituals begin.



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  1. Werwolf
  2. Junee 44
  3. Equestrian Bloodlust
  4. Tiger I
  5. Narva
  6. The Last Fallen
  7. Viktoria
  8. The Devil’s Song
  9. Silent Night

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