Post Season discusses their latest album, their plans to record another acoustic album and what’s next for the band

Post Season discusses their latest album, their plans to record another acoustic album and what’s next for the band

By Emily May

Pennsylvania pop-punk band Post Season is set to release their self-titled second LP on July 13th via Know Hope Records, with the album already generating plenty of buzz.  The band includes Dan Tippery, Chuck Bernard, Conor Mcnamara, Bryan Thanh and Canyon Gargon.  Over the past four years, the band has completed four coast-to-coast tours, as well as numerous tours on the East Coast and Canada and have toured with such bands as State Champs, Knuckle Puck, A Will Away and Such A Mess. Produced and recorded by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail, Have Mercy) in Baltimore, MD, the new album is said to be the band’s best work to date.  With all of the band’s members scattered around the US, the album came together at a slower and steadier pace, with the band taking a step back to breath and give it their full attention.  Post Season will be hitting the road this summer in support of the album.  You can stay up to date with the band and the album on their


Website http://www.postseasonband.com/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/postseasonband/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/postseasonpa/

Twitter https://twitter.com/postseasonband

You can stream their music on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/5T0bKJLzb9acHvPG5nGmAv and can purchase their music on their Bandcamp page https://postseasonband.bandcamp.com/.  You can pre-order the new album, as well as album and merch bundles here http://knowhoperecords.limitedrun.com/categories/post-season.


Staff writer Emily May spoke recently with singer Dan Tippery via email about the new album, their plans for another acoustic album and what’s next for the band.  You can check out the video for “Long Shot, Lost Cause” below!

You will be releasing your self-titled second LP on July 13th, which is said to echo the ongoing struggle of growing older and chasing your passions while facing the realities of everyday life. Do you feel like you have found that balance?

Yes, we all have our eyes set on the future of Post Season but we have a healthy balance of our own individual lives as well. It keeps us loving what we do.

I read that all of you are living in different cities and states at this time, but that it’s brought you closer together. In what ways has it brought you closer and what kinds of challenges, if any, has the distance presented?

We never really lived close to each other. It was always a 3-4 hour drive at least. Now it’s a 4-5 hour flight. Not really that different. I think we’re all pretty close because living this far away means you actually have to go out of your way to see each other or converse. Which we do and we talk over life and Post Season fairly often. The distance just means we don’t really play on/off shows. When we do shows we typically do a chain of them.

This album came together at a slower and steadier pace. What was the songwriting and recording process like for this album? Did you write the songs together or did you work on them separately?

We worked on the songs a little longer than our past releases but it wasn’t so much the time it took but what I believe to be the time we were able to put in to them because of taking a break from constantly touring to do so. Before, we would just write on the road and the album took about the same amount of months to create. We just didn’t have as much time to spend in writing sessions. As for how we write… Both. That’s just how we write. We have five song writers in this band so we just all worked on stuff showed it to one another then we would meet up and jam through the songs.

“Long Shot, Lost Cause” was put on the Spotify’s Pop Punk’s Not Dead playlist and had 12K+ plays in only 2 weeks! How does it feel to have such a great response to the new music?

Unreal! We couldn’t be happier with the results and all the kind worlds coming from it! I think the last count I saw was 27k and still going. Pretty stoked!

You spent the first few years of the band going non stop but have slowed things down a bit in the last year to work on new music and focus more on your personal lives. What made you decide that this was the right time for you to slow down a bit?

We had a lot of friends in bands calling it quits either over financial issues or the overwhelming stress of constantly touring. We weren’t burnt out by any means but when we decided to work on the new record we just decided to take it easy and see how it came out. We didn’t want to end up overworked and burnout. We knew a full length would be a large project so we decided to step back and give it the attention we felt it deserved. As for our personal lives, all of us have relationships at home and have some form of work we do so it was also great to put that more in our lives as well. I feel like it’s a healthy balance between business and personal. Something that you need whatever your occupation may be.

You guys did a split 7″ with Such A Mess in 2015. How did that collaboration come about and do you think you’ll do more split albums with other bands in the future?

Splits are fun. Such A Mess is fun. They are the homies and the whole project was just about putting out songs with friends. Between Such A Mess and Common Ground Records there’s just so many great people! Peep the new releases from Common Ground Records. They are signing some great bands!

What was it like working with producer Paul Leavitt again? What made you decide to work with him again on this album?

A very relaxed process. Paul’s great! We like working with him cause he’s someone we get along with but also there’s no pressures of harsh deadlines. We just got the album done the way we wanted it to be done vs just feeling like we were pumping out an album.

I read that a close friend of yours got you in touch with Know Hope Records and you hit it off with them right away. What do think makes that label such a great fit for the band?

It’s hard to say. We had a google video call with everyone and just got along well and liked what we all were talking about.

Your friend Justin Graziano did the graphic design and put together the art work for the album. What was the idea and inspiration behind the art work? Did you guys have an idea of what you wanted, did Justin come in with ideas or was it more of a collaborative effort?

J-Graz and us just kinda shot ideas off of each other. We like to let him have as much free roam as possible because we feel that’s when the artist does his best work. We basically decided to do a flash sheet style of art and chose an image idea for each song and then gave him a list and let him have at it. It altered a little from our original idea because his work just flowed in a direction we were super happy with.

A few years back, you guys released an acoustic EP entitled Sometimes We Play Acoustic. Do you see yourselves doing another acoustic album in the future?

Yes. This conversation has already started. Hopefully you’ll like the sequel!

What’s next for you guys? Do you have any tours or festival dates that you are especially looking forward to?

We have some things in the works. Announcements will be made once everything is locked in.



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