Straight from Berlin, LUCIFER is here to take your soul…your rock soul that is! Our Review of LUCIFER’s album “Lucifer II”! Out July 6th on Century Media Records!

Straight from Berlin, LUCIFER is here to take your soul…your rock soul that is! Seriously, this band is dam good at bringing back good old 70’s rock music.  Formed in 2014, Johanna Sadonis had a vision, and now with this second release Lucifer II, her dream is finally real. The album will be released on Century Media Records on July 6, 2018.  The band consists of the following members: Johanna Sadonis (vocals), Nicke Andersson (drums), Alexander Mayr (bass), Martin Nordin (guitar), Linus Björklund (guitar) & Robin Tidebrink (guitar).

Their second single Dreamer was released that two weeks ago, you would have thought that it you were transported back to the 70’s while watching the accompanying video.  From the slow haunting intro and yearning vocals, the song takes soar with crunchy riffs and swinging rhythms almost as if you are riding in a dreamscape of emotion. After a few listens, I have been humming this on a regular basis.

California Son, their first single off the new album, is a different beast. This song kicks off with a sonic boom, breaking down doors off their hinges, proclaiming rock and roll is still alive and well, no matter the time era. You can’t help but crank up the volume and nod your head in acknowledgement.

Throughout the album, I had flashes of LUCIFER paying homage to great bands such as Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Fleetwood Mac and Heart to name a few. They are heavily influenced by them, yet they don’t sound like them exactly.  This band had been able to take what they loved about 60’s & 70’s rock music and make it their own.  Johanna and the band have created rock songs that make me want to close my eyes, put the earphones on and get lost in their music.

Check out the video for “Dreamer” below!


You can find LUCIFER online at the following:






  1. California Son
  2. Dreamer
  3. Phoenix
  4. Dancing With Mr. D
  5. Reaper On You Heels
  6. Eyes In The Sky
  7. Before The Sun
  8. Aton
  9. Faux Pharoah
  10. Evening Wind



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