Ironcore Resistance Releases For the Fallen

Ironcore Resistance Releases For the Fallen
Ironcore Resistance’s brand new album, For the Fallen, is available worldwide now from Pavement Entertainment. For the Fallen follows Ironcore Resistance’s debut album, Join the Resistance, and EP, The Peace of War. The album has already been receiving airplay all over metal radio and is the #6 Most Added on the MetalContraband chart.
To purchase or stream the album, visit:
“To us, this album is the voice that tells you to get up when you want to stay down,” says vocalist and guitarist David Willie. The band wants to inspire everyone who goes through daily struggles with their music. “It’s so important to keep pushing forward for what you want to achieve,” Willie continues. “Our song ‘Tears of Yesterday’ was written with several people in mind. No matter how bad a situation is or was, there can be a light at the end if you just look for it. “
Ironcore Resistance is a trio of like minded musicians that have come together to bring emotion and feeling back to rock/metal music that is currently filled with an ocean of processed sound and mediocrity. They crank up and hammer out everything with the drive and power that can only be had when you’re jacked up on Redbull flying down the side of a mountain in a tank headed for the battlefield.
In celebration of the new release, the band is hosting a record release party tonight at Paducah Beer Werks (301 N. 4th St., Paducah, Kentucky). Admission is $5.00 and doors open at 7 PM. For more on Ironcore Resistance, follow their official Facebook.
David Willie – Vocals and Guitar
Brad Lovelace – Bass
Trevin Green – Drums

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