It’s All In The Attitude – Interview with Ryan Bicknell of Another Day’s Armor

It’s All In The Attitude

Interview with Ryan Bicknell of Another Day’s Armor

by: Carl Martin

CM: Describe ADA’s image and persona.

Ryan Bicknell: It’s rock and roll. Leather jackets, ripped jeans, tattoos, and a fuck you attitude. We want to show kids you can do whatever you set your mind to and be whoever you want to be. 

CM: Who are the founding/original members of the band?

Ryan: Nick and Alec are the founders of the band. I came in and replaced another guitarist before we ever had music out so I guess I’m like half an original member lol. Joe and Logan came in and replaced members after we had our first two singles out.

CM: Give us some background about the band members.  How did you all connect? What have been some of the other bands you have been involved with? How did you develop your own style?

Ryan: Alec found Nick on YouTube. I found them from a flyer in a music store while I was getting ready to start a band of my own. For Joe, I had known from his brother when we used to go to school together and he introduced us a couple years before the band was a thing and when we needed a bass player I asked if he was interested. And for Logan, we had some people who knew us and knew him and thought it would be a good fit so they contacted him and he liked the music so he hit us up and here we are today.

CM: Who wrote the lyrics to “Death Investing?”

Ryan: Logan. 

CM: From where did its inspiration come from, the story behind it?

Ryan: It was really from past experiences and just the theme of people trying to get over on you and take advantage as if there weren’t any consequences.

CM: Your new front person, Logan, recently came into the band. What has he brought to the table that has created where ADA is now?

Ryan: I think he just brought that spark that we lacked before that completes our sound now. He was like the missing puzzle piece. The music is still similar, heavy riffs and guitar solos but now we’re much more multi-dimensional. For instance, we were able to write more of a ballad style song that I think is going to kinda shock people when they hear it. 

It’s very reminiscent of classic Linkin Park.

CM: Development and constant motion are valuable to a band. What advice would you give to other bands who might be looking to become what ADA has striven for?

Ryan: Work with the right people and don’t just work with friends who are going to give you deals but half the quality of work or extra stress because they slack off and put you on the back burner. Work hard, stand out and be different, don’t half ass shit and stay consistent.

CM: In your world of metal… where are we musically? What do you feel metal has become? Does it hold the same promising elements of let’s say a Black Sabbath?

Ryan: Not in the least bit. Personally, I feel like metal has gotten stale over the years. All the same bands are on every festival and it seems like no new big bands are coming out recently other than I Prevail which was what 3-4 years ago? I don’t know if metal will ever get back to the days of Sabbath or early Metallica (I wish it would) but if that’s not going to be the case bands like ours and even ones that have been established in the industry for a few years are going to have to find new creative ways to break through the mold and stand out if they want to hang with giant names like Sabbath. It’s a new age and you kinda have to get with the times or get left behind.

CM: This question is for the two guitarists in the band. Who did you both listen to growing up and how did they influence your development? What brand of guitar, guitar strings and do you use a pick when playing?

Ryan: I and Nick actually have the most similar taste in music and listened to most of the same stuff growing up. So bands like Avenged, Bullet, Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, Papa Roach for more modern stuff and then, of course, Metallica, Pantera, Alice In Chains, Sabbath and all the greats for more classic stuff.

I play ESP guitars, Nick plays Schecter guitars and we both use Ernie Ball strings. We both use picks. I use Tortex .88 and Nick uses Jazz 3’s.

CM: Give me one Pop Rock song that you would like to take and turn into a Metal song. (Now we want to hear it…)

I’m really big into Post Malone. I don’t think that’s considered Pop Rock really but it is now in my eyes specifically for this question lol I can almost guarantee we would never do it though sorry haha. So just for the questions sake, I’m going to say we would play “Over Now” because that song bangs and already has some energy to it so I think it would be a fun song to make rock/metal. 

CM: Thank you so much for taking time for us!

Ryan: Thank you! It was my pleasure. This is Ryan Bicknell guitarist for Another Day’s Armor. Everyone go check out our new single “Death Investing” available on all digital retailers and watch the music video on YouTube!

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