Check out our review of Mushroomhead’s latest DVD “Volume III” & Interview with Skinny from the band discussing the DVD and Summer of Screams Tour!

By Rene Botello

Mushroomhead has been a staple in the metal community for quite some time.  Known for their theatrical live show and intense music, fans can easily depend on them to produce quality work.  Mushroomhead recently released their third Dvd titled Volume III which includes over 90 minutes of new material.

The first third of the video consist of music videos which have taken the production value to another level.  Each video can be seen as a mini movie. The cinematic look and artistry of every song presented is of top notch caliber.  Being a fan of horror movies, I instantly knew The Evil Dead reference for the video We are The Truth, which happens to have over 1 million views.  Not only is the visual experience enjoyable, but the crushing tones add flavor to what the viewer is witnessing.

Their latest release is no exception. Devils Be Damned has a cyberpunk feel which takes place in the most haunted building in America, the Ohio State Reformatory, a.k.a. Shawshank Prison.  Which makes me wonder if they happen to have caught any footage of paranormal activity unknowingly while filming the video.

The second third of the video consists of backstage footage of tour life, live concert feeds and behind the scenes of the music video process. Which gives insight of how much goes into creating Mushroomhead.

Finally, the last portion of this DVD consist of voice over comments reminding of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I wont give away a small tidbit of information on this last part, I’ll let it be a surprise to fans.

All in all, I have enjoyed watching Volume III.  I feel the fans will get of plenty in return which aims to satiate multiple senses.

Purchase “Volume II” on Amazon

Our interview with Skinny from Mushroomhead is below as well as links to the band and tour dates.


Check out Mushroomheads video “We Are The Truth” below

The Summer of Screams tour dates:

The Summer of Screams tour line-up:
Powerman 5000 (9-2 to 9-15)
The Browning
Psychostick (8-17 to 8-31)
Kissing Candice
Unsaid Fate
Voodoo Terror Tribe (8-17 to 8-30)/Earth Caller (8-31 to 9-15)

8/21 – Manchester, NH @ Bungalow

8/22 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance

8/23 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Shaka’s

8/24 – Spartanburg, SC @ Groundzero

8/25 – Huntsville, AL @ Sidetracks Music Hall

8/26 – New Orleans, LA @ Southport Music Hall

8/28 – Houston, TX @ Houston Underground

8/29 – Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live

8/30 – Laredo, TX @ Ethos Live

8/31 – Fort Worth, TX @ The Rail Club

9/2 – Los Angeles, CA @ 1720

9/4 – Orangevale, CA@ The Boardwalk

9/5 – Portland, OR @ Dante’s

9/6 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

9/7 – Billings, MT @ Pub Station

9/8 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex

9/9 – Denver, CO @ Roxy Theater

9/11 – Merriam, KS @ Aftershock

9/12 – Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli’s

9/13 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre

9/14 – Ringle, WI @ Q & Z Expo Center

9/15 – Chicago, IL @ Patio Theater







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