Check out our interview with Jason Hartless! Hard work, dedication and clean living is no stranger to Ted Nugent’s current drummer, Jason Hartless, a young 23-year-old in age, but with an old soul.

Hard work, dedication and clean living is no stranger to Ted Nugent’s current drummer, Jason Hartless, a young 23-year-old in age, but with an old soul.  We had the opportunity to talk to Jason about his music career, check out the interview below!


RAPMM – Your hard worked has put you on a path that many would have a hard time committing to, what would you say has been your main drive to success?

Jason Hartless – It’s really hard to say what my main drive is, but I know that I love what I do and wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world.

RAPMM – Due to how successful you have been even at a young age, would you consider yourself a music prodigy?

Jason Hartless – Throughout my whole life, “prodigy” is a term that has been associated with my career by music fans and media personal. Personally, I have never been a real big fan of the term because I have always tried to just be recognized simply as a peer to working professionals

RAPMM – To date, which album contribution has been the most fun and favorite?

Jason Hartless – Honestly, I love all of the sessions I have been involved in for different reasons. However, working in the studio with Ted Nugent for the first time on his new forthcoming album “The Music Made Me Do It”, was something really special.

RAPMM – When you were playing with Ted Nugent, were you given free reign with your playing style or did you have to play the songs like the album?

Jason Hartless – Last week, I finished my 3rd tour with Ted and every tour gets better and better. Ted, myself and the bass player, Greg Smith get tighter and tighter every year. When I first got the gig, I learned the tunes backwards and forwards and stayed true to the amazing work that Cliff Davies did on the original tracks. As time goes on there are certain things that Ted likes to play and hear different, so we make minor adjustments to the tunes. Overall Ted allows me to interpret the songs as I hear them, however, I try to still stay true to Cliff’s parts, while still giving a little flavor of my own.

RAPMM – Who has been your most favorite artist to work with and why?

 Jason Hartless – Just like recording sessions, every single artist I have worked with has been great in various ways, so it is really hard to pin point a favorite.

RAPMM – What advice would you give someone starting out playing drums or any musical instrument?

Jason Hartless – Listen to as much music as possible and learn as many styles of music as possible. Being able to build a melting pot of musical influences will help expand your opportunities in the industry.

RAPMM – You have spoken about being a positive role model, what do you think has contributed to not succumbing to the pitfalls of the music industry?

 Jason Hartless – Growing up in the industry and seeing many great musicians die or wreck their careers due drugs, alcohol or egos really hit home for me.

RAPMM – What are you currently working on at the moment musically that you can talk about?

Jason Hartless – I am always in the studio working as a session musician on various albums, licensing material and commercial jingles for a large variety of artists and genres.

RAPMM – What is your favorite part about music, creating it or playing it live?

Jason Hartless – I have been lucky to have been able to record and perform live with so many talented, that it makes it very hard to choose a favorite because I love doing it all.

RAPMM – Any last words of what fans can expect in the near future?

Jason Hartless – The new Ted Nugent record titled “The Music Made Me Do It” will be coming very soon; we tracked it beginning of the year and I am very excited about this record. I have been told that the new record will also include a live DVD from our 2017 tour.








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