Jonathan Davis & The Melvins at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio! Review and Photos of the show!

The Melvins and Jonathan Davis heated things up at Express Live on an already hot August evening!

The Melvins just released their new album “Pinkus Abortion Technician” and this night in Columbus, Ohio they showcased their grungy, sludgy, killer version of music!  The band worked their way through new material and classics taking the fans on a fun ride of The Melvins musical history.  With the grungy riffs coming from the two bass guitars and Buzz Osborne’s guitar, The Melvins started the night off with “Sesame Street Meat”.  Trudging through the set with massive riffs really reminded everyone why The Melvins own the sludgecore scene!  The Melvins continued through their set playing “The Kicking Machine”, “Stop Moving to Florida”, and many others.  Buzz Osborne rocked out through the set with his wild hair and his muumuu all while Steven McDonald and Jeff Pinkus beat their bass guitars and were all business.

The Melvins are Buzz Osborne (vocals/guitar), Steven McDonald (bass), Jeff Pinkus (bass), and Dale Crover (drums).

Check out our photos of The Melvins here


Jonathan Davis was exceptional!  This was not Korn.. this was Jonathan doing his solo music and it was fantastic!  There was a member of Korn joining him though, the amazing Ray Luzier playing drums!  The crowd cheered “JD, JD, JD” over and over and finally Jonathan came out with the band and kicked things off with his song “Underneath My Skin”.  Jonathan and the band sounded amazing, the stand up bass really added to the visual element on stage as well!  Jonathan continued the night of music by performing most of the songs off his latest solo album “Black Labyrinth“.  Jonathan seemed to be in a different place on stage solo versus when he performs with Korn and the crowd appeared to love it.  Later in the set Jonathan and the band performed the radio hit “What It Is” and the crowd ignited singing along.  Jonathan Davis will be on tour September 2nd through November 2018 and will be doing a ton of dates! If you get a chance to see Jonathan Davis perform live it is definitely worth the ticket!


Check out our photos of Jonathan Davis in Columbus, Ohio.



Jonathan Davis Photo Gallery


The Melvins Photo Gallery

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