Get Married and Tiny Stills put on an awesome pop-punk performance in Newport, KY

Photos and words by Shawn Wiseman

Get Married and Tiny Stills made a stop on their tour in Newport, KY and put on cool show in a new brewery! 

Before the show I had the chance to chat with Jaake Margo (lead singer for Get Married) and Kailynn West (lead singer for Tiny Stills) about how the tour was going and some of their adventures along the way.  Both Jaake and Kailynn were so nice and seemed extremely passionate about their music and the tour! It was refreshing to see their positive views on the tour and performing live.  Kailynn informed me the members of Get Married would be filling in for the Tiny Stills set which I thought would be interesting to see.  The opportunity to meet these great artists and chat with them prior to the show got me excited to see the live performance!

Get Married is a pop-punk band based out of California. The band just released their new EP “Songs for the Sleepless” via Asian Man Records (purchase link) and Wiretap Records (purchase link). Get Married was up first and right away I fell in love with lead singer Jaake’s voice.  The music was pop/punk but there is a deeper old soul sound to Jaake’s voice that adds a great element to the music.  This six piece band was full of energy during their performance, moving around and making the best of the environment (a brewery without a stage or stage lighting).  The band features Jaake Margo – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Randy “Bones” Moore – Lead Guitar,  Dylan Moore – Drums/ Backing Vocals, Kayla Gonzalez – Bass, and the lead singer of Tiny Stills, Kailynn West filling in on keyboards.  Get Married really put on a great show with some awesome tunes!  The feel of the music was definitely about having fun and very upbeat.  Jaake made the show even more fun by joining someone for a drink while playing guitar at their table and later climbing on top of a table and throwing “devil horns”.  I would definitely check this band out again!

Next up was Tiny Stills.  Tiny Stills for this show was basically everyone from Get Married and Kailynn West picking up the guitar and doing lead vocals.  Kailynn has a wonderful voice and a playful sense of putting words together.  Kailynn really impressed me with her stage presence and ability to entertain with her guitar and vocals, all while smiling and making jokes in between songs. The way the band was able to switch up from being Get Married to Tiny Stills was also impressive showing the talents of everyone holding an instrument! Check out Tiny Stills album “Laughing into the Void” here.

Links and photos of each band below!


Check out Tiny Stills online:


Check out Get Married online:


Photos from Get Married and Tiny Stills performing in Newport, KY


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