The Judas Rising Tour!! Coverage of Fozzy, Adelitas Way, and Stone Broken at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH

The Judas Rising Tour Took Over Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH

Stone Broken started the night off with some really great rock music. I’ve been hearing Stone Broken’s song, “Worth Fighting For”, frequently on SiriusXM Octane and was excited to see them perform live.  This four-piece band from the UK consists of Rich Moss who handles lead vocals and guitar, Chris Davis who plays guitar and does vocals, Kieron Conroy on Bass, and Robyn Haycock hammering away at the drums and doing vocals. Stone Broken kicked off their set with the song “Heartbeat Away” which really got the fans attention.  Next the band dove right into their song “Doesn’t Matter”.  Stone Broken then introduced themselves and told everyone that they were from the UK and this was their first US tour. The crowd responded with a roaring round of applause.  It was apparent that Stone Broken all seemed to be really having fun and were masters of their sound.  I noticed drummer Robyn Haycock having a blast behind the drums, smiling and even sticking her tongue out a few times for my camera!  The band wrapped up their set with the songs “Worth Fighting For” and then “Not Your Enemy”.  This up and coming band has a sound you do not want to miss live!

Click here to view the photo gallery of Stone Broken performing in Cincinnati, OH


Next up on the Judas Rising Tour was Las Vegas natives Adelitas Way!  I’ve seen Adelitas Way a number of times and they always bring a ton of energy, especially lead singer Rick DeJesus!  The other members of Adelitas Way are bassist Andrew Cushing, drummer Tre Stafford, and guitarist Tavis Stanley. The band charged out on stage and kicked their set off with their hit song “Still Hungry”.  Rick then lead the band into another great song “Ready for War (Pray for Peace), which is a tribute to law enforcement, military, and first responders.  Crowd favorite “Bad Reputation” was next on the setlist. Everyone in the crowd seemed to know the words and sang along with Rick!  Adelitas Way went on to play a great 8 song set and kept the fans rocking the entire time.  The band ended the set with another big hit, “Invincible”, which left everyone in the crowd wanting more!

Click here to view the photo gallery of Adelitas Way performing in Cincinnati, OH


The headliner Fozzy was up next!  The anticipation in the crowd was palpable!  Fozzy’s lead singer is Chris Jericho who is a man of many hats!  Chris, who got his fame in the WWE, now hosts his own podcast, his own radio show on SiriusXM’s Octane, and manages to tour around the country seemingly nonstop! By this point in the evening Bogart’s was packed with fans ready to see Fozzy get started.  The lights dimmed and the intro music kicked in.  Fozzy took the stage and wasted no time playing the hits, opening with the song “Judas”!  Chris Jericho exudes energy and charisma on stage and the fans eat it up!!  Fozzy sounded amazing and from the looks of the crazy fans pushed up against the barrier they would agree!  Fozzy kept things rocking with “Drinking With Jesus” and a few songs later one of my favorites, “Burn Me Out”.  The band clearly loves performing live, smiles and energy dominated the entire night!  At one point Chris motioned to someone on the side of the stage. A few minutes later some lucky fans picked from the crowd, joined Jericho and the band on stage!  Those lucky enough to join the band, danced around and headbanged to the music.  Later in the set the lights went out, and Chris appeared at center stage with his back to the crowd.  Red, white, and blue lights began to shine from Jericho’s jacket and the band then tore into “Lights go Out”. Fozzy went on to play for over an hour and the fans loved every minute of it!

Fozzy is:

Chris Jericho – Vocals,
Rich Ward – Guitar/Vocals,
Frank Fontsere – Drums,
Billy Grey – Guitar,
Paul Di Leo – Bass

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You do not want to miss The Judas Rising Tour with Fozzy, Adelitas Way, and Stone Broken! There are a few more tour dates before Fozzy heads over to Australia.  Fozzy will return to North America this winter to kick off a Canadian tour. (Click here for Fozzy tour dates)


Photo Gallery – Fozzy (click image to view full gallery)

Photographs of Fozzy performing at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH


Photo Gallery – Adelitas Way (click image to view full gallery)

Photographs of Adelitas Way performing at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH


Photo Gallery – Stone Broken (click image to view full gallery)


Photographs of Stone Broken performing at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH

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