Interview with After The Calm

Interview with After The Calm

By: Lauren Deets


You feel comfortable around the bandmates of After The Calm, maybe it is because they all have reached a point where they aren’t all about their own egos and it’s about the music. Who knows, but the same sense you have in spending time with them can be felt in their music as well. They are cool and so is their music.

Their latest single “Stuck On Repeat” shows their continual motion of moving forward in developing their sound and songwriting.


This single is our strongest of the three songs that we wanted to release this year. We believe “Stuck On Repeat” is the best representation of how our songwriting has evolved over time; “All killer and no filler” has been a reoccurring response we’ve received from industry professionals.

This single was brought to it’s fullest potential with the help of producer Matt Good (From First to Last). He has a way of bringing out the best in you while making the recording process an enjoyable experience. Although it’s message is serious in tone, the song is catchy and will have you jumping to the beat.” – After The Calm 


Lauren Deets: How long have you all been together as After The Calm?


Henry Cota – “We first had an impromptu jam session Memorial Day 2014, didn’t start the actual band till sometime after.”


David Nunez – “Four years total but the first was used to practice our craft.”


LD: If you would introduce yourselves. Name, what you play, former or other bands you are or were in?


Logan Miracle – “I am the vocalist of the band.”


Henry Cota- “I play bass and sometimes attempt to do vocals. I was in a band called In Echo two years ago, and David and I started a band in our early years called Latham Drive.”


David Nunez – “I play lead guitar and backup vocals. Before joining After the Calm I was in a band called Latham Drive”


Jonathan Habermacher – “I’m Jonathan or Jon, doesn’t really matter which one and I play rhythm guitar and After the Calm is my first band.”


Kody Rattler

“Kody, drums, The Grace Notes”


LD: Each member pick your favorite artist from 2018.


Logan Miracle – “Charlie Puth, his new record is amazing from front to back”


Henry Cota- “Soundtrack from The Black Panther album is still on rotation on my phone.”


David Nunez – “Nothing More has been my go-to for 2018. Although I really been into Twenty One Pilots latest album as of late.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “I have really been liking Greta Van Fleet this year. They sound really unique and not many people play that style anymore.”


Kody Rattler

“The Story So Far”

LD: So many things in life are on repeat. Your new song certainly reflects a habit but gives hope too that for love it can be overcome. Can you discuss the story behind this song?


Logan Miracle – “It’s really just a story of a person who makes the same mistakes over and over and it gets to the point when the people they love can’t take it anymore. And that’s when this person realizes that he’s pushing everyone away. And starts caring about what really matters.”


David Nunez – “This one I notice hits home for a lot of people. It goes without saying we all have done stubborn/selfish things in our lives. This talks about that one person that just keeps screwing up and it’s from the perspective of the person seeing it.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “That is definitely what this song is about. The lyrics were written as talking about that person in your life that is always making the wrong choices and never seems to learn from their mistakes but there is always hope. Another way to look at it is that everyone has their addictions to something but we always want to try to fix them.”


Kody Rattler

“Stuck On Repeat is about someone who makes the same mistakes time after time. In the music video, Logan is seen popping pills, slamming alcohol, and gambling; all various addictions that consume people. With each instance, he finds himself back at square one. It’s not until he decides against those things does he get to where he needs to be.”


LD: Where was the video created and who did you work with on its production?


Logan Miracle – “It was filmed in a couple of different locations in Gilbert AZ. One of them being one of our houses. Jacob Reynolds shot and edited the video. This isn’t the first time working with him and it definitely won’t be the last. We have a good relationship with him and love his work.”


Henry Cota- “The concept of the video came from brainstorming different ideas after we shot one of the monthly recap videos (check out our youtube) alongside Jacob Reynolds the director.”


David Nunez “We shot the video out in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona. We used our friend Jacob Reynolds to bring the vision alive. Fun fact: Jacob and I went to the same college. The Art Institute of Phoenix.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “We went to my current house actually to film the inside shots and then a week earlier Jacob and I scouted some good places outside around the corner so during filming day we knew exactly where we wanted to go and things went very smooth.”


Kody Rattler

“We had several locations for filming; Jacob Reynolds directed this video!”


LD: You have worked with producer Matt Good before if I recall, what is it he brings to your work as a producer?


Logan Miracle – “This was actually our first time working with him. But it was a great experience. He really made me feel comfortable with everything as far as tracking Vocals. And it’s a plus that he’s a really cool guy.”


Henry Cota- “This was our first time working with Matt. Matt Good brings the knowledge and years of experience to the table. His music is still loved by many.”


David Nunez – “Funny misconception because we released three singles all a month apart. Stuck On Repeat is the third and it was our first time working with Matt. This guy knows his stuff and his small suggestion/changes really brought it to life. He’s really amazing to work with.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “Yah everyone thinks we did all three singles this year with him but we actually used a different producer for each song. This was our first time working with him and it came out amazing! He really knows what he is doing and brings so many new ideas to the table to make sure the song is the best it possibly can be.”


Kody Rattler

“This song is the first time we’ve worked with Matt. He was easy to work with and knew exactly what we were going for in this song. His experience in the music industry shows in his ability to produce. There were only a few things he suggested we do to the song, but each held value and ultimately lead to a great track. Aside from our work, Matt produced Asking Alexandria’s latest album which has been one of my favorites to date.”


LD: Are you going to be able to hit the road pretty soon and tour? If so, where might your fans find you?


Logan Miracle – “We’ve definitely been making plans for a future tour. For right now we’re focusing on either the West Coast or MidWest states.”


Henry Cota- “Our goal is to tour early 2019, south-west at first. If all goes well we will go further.”


David Nunez – “We’ll definitely be hitting the southwest region. So Cali and Nevada will be visited at some point.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “We plan to hit the road around March and will be touring to the states directly around us, AZ. I’m really excited for TX because I’ve heard it has a great scene.”


Kody Rattler

“Touring is the next big move in my eyes. We’ve built a strong name for ourselves in Phoenix and I’m eager to venture new cities.”


LD: Next single already in the works?


Logan Miracle – “We want to start planning for more studio time after the new year.”


Henry Cota- “We have songs that are ready to record but we are focusing on the touring first. Stay tuned…”


David Nunez – “Ha! Well, we have a few songs that just need some fine tuning. Next single worthy? We’ll have to see.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “We definitely have some songs that are single-worthy so we wanna ride these three single out first and maybe at the end of next year after writing more songs we will choose which songs to record.”


Kody Rattler

“No plans to hit the studio at this time, though there’s always more music to be recorded.”


LD: You have released how many singles so far in 2018, any EP or full length possibly in 2019?


Logan Miracle – “We’ve put out 3 singles including this one in 2018. We hope to keep pumping out new tunes next year.”


Henry Cota- “3 singles. Captive, Porcelain, and Stuck on Repeat. Nothing is set in stone for 2019. We experimented with the idea of singles and so far the response is great.”


David Nunez – “Releasing these three singles was an idea we had to implement first before we decided what would happen next for us. So far it’s been a very positive experience.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “We released 3 singles so far. Now we want to see how everyone reacts to that to decide whether we want to keep releasing singles or make an EP/Album. The music industry has changed so much so we have just been trying out different things to see what sticks.”


Kody Rattler

“Three singles in 2018. If we manage to make enough funds in 2019, I’m all for a full length!”


LD: Favorite clothing brand to wear on stage and why?


Logan Miracle – “Either Vans or Nike for shoes. And really just any t-shirt and shorts that are comfy.”


Henry Cota – “The majority of my T-shirts come from an online store called RIPT Apparel. I am a nerd and watch a lot of tv and movies and listen to a ton of music. They make City pop culture shirts that normally blend 2 different franchises together. (Wrestling and a movie, Star Wars, and Music)”


David Nunez – “No particular brand. I just find cool shirts that I like and wear them. Lately, I have been wearing a lot of Rick and Morty shirts.”

Jonathan Habermacher – “Not really a brand but I do like H & M stuff. I mainly go for certain themed stuff like band shirts or funny shirts. Almost always wear skinny black jeans but if we play outside where it’s hot then I try to wear the least amount possible. When we played Warped tour I had a super bright outfit which was awesome because it was the first time I could wear something like that.”


Kody Rattler

“I don’t have a particular brand in mind, but I do like to put effort into my stage attire. It’s important to look the look, ‘ya know?”


LD: Who would you like to have sponsor you?


Logan Miracle – “RED BULL! Literally, the only thing I crave.”


Henry Cota-  “I play strictly Music Man Stingrays, been a fan since I first started playing. I owned imitation stingrays and the cheaper version when I was a little older. Would love to be sponsored by Music Man”


David Nunez – “Hmmm… I guess it would be nice to be sponsored by PRS guitars. Amp wise Fender because I truly love my EVH 5150 iii. Pedal-wise BOSS or Electro-Harmonix.”


Jonathan Habermacher – “I love my ESP LTD guitar so them and Marshall because my JCM 900 have been great to me. I also really like D’addario strings.”


Kody Rattler

“Genuine sponsors would be just about any drum/audio gear. Random sponsors would mostly be food vendors like Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Lunchables. (Yeah, I said it.)”









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