VANCORVID Releases “Summon” (Precious Child) Remix Video – For Fans of Bjork/Godspeed You Black Emperor

MADNESS TO CREATION Premieres New Video, “SUMMON” (Precious Child Remix) By VANCORVID
Madness To Creation is very pleased to exclusively present the brand new video for “Summon” by VANCORVID.
Remixed by Precious Child (Original Mix by Martin Bowes/Attrition)For fans of: Bjork and Godspeed You Black Emperor


VANCORVID is the solo project of Irish musician Sharon Courtney.

Her eclectic style combines her classical background with elements of electro, gothic and baroque. She has developed a sound that takes unconventional combinations of instruments, spoken word and ambient noise, and turns them into hauntingly beautiful and stirring harmonies.  VANCORVID is strongly influenced by the mysticism, Celtic mythology and science fiction.

VANCORVID layers a multitude of melodic elements into hypnotic harmonies that draw the listener into a fantastical world of symphonic diversity.

VANCORVID – “Summon” (Precious Child Remix)”
“Every now and then music transcends. Tells you a story. Touches you. Opens a door and lets you inside. “Summon” does just that. A rare and precious thing indeed…”

– Martin Bowes: ATTRITION. Coventry. England. 2018

“I shared a bill with Vancorvid in Toronto at the Array Performance Space back in August.  They tested out a new track during soundcheck and I was mesmerized.  I heard some notes within the notes playing a little vision which is depicted in the remix and the music video.”

– Precious Child
Listen to Vancorvid’s first single “Breathe” Via Bandcamp.
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