Louisville, KY got what they had been waiting for, an amazing evening with Killswitch Engage!! Photos and Review!

Louisville, KY got what they had been waiting for, an amazing evening with Killswitch Engage!! 

November 30th, 2018

Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY

Words and Photos by Shawn Wiseman

Killswitch Engage made a stop on their short November/December tour to Louisville, KY.  The show was sort of a make-up show as the band was supposed to play earlier this year but had to postpone.  Louisville fans were obviously anxious to catch this show as the Mercury Ballroom was nearly sold out.  When I arrived there was a line wrapped around a city block to get in and actually caused me to miss Crowbar’s performance.  I was able to catch another support act, Born of Osiris (click here for photos of the band in Louisville), and they were AMAZING!  The power of the vocals and music were killer along with the band’s stage presence.

By the time Killswitch Engage took the stage you literally could not move around the venue it was so packed!  Louisville wanted some Killswitch Engage and boy did the band deliver!  Killswitch put on a wild 16 song set including many favorites from the past and a number of songs from their latest, “Incarnate“!  The band opened the night up with “The End of Heartache” and the tone for the night was set, you are about to get blown away Louisville!  Jesse D. Leech, the lead singer of Killswitch Engage proved yet again that this band will continue to be a dominant force in the metal scene!  Jesse’s vocals were so good, he can scream, growl, and sing as good live if not better than you would hear on any recording. In fact the whole band, Joel Stroetzel (guitar), Adam Dutkiewicz (guitar), Mike D’Antonio (bass), and Justin Foley (drums), sounded perfect! As the night wore on, Killswitch Engage continued to entertain the crowd with great music and great interaction with the fans.  Everyone but the drummer made their way to the front of the stage to high five, smile, and display their talents.  As I exited the photo pit the band dove into one of my favorites, “My Curse”, you could hear everyone in attendance singing along to this song which was really cool.  Killswitch ended this night of incredible music by playing two other amazing songs, “In Due Time, and the final song, “Holy Diver” a Dio Cover the band does so well.


Killswitch Engage is a band that never disappoints live.  The setlist that included new songs and old sounded so great! The guys in Killswitch Engage really seem to love what they do.

Killswitch is headed overseas to kick off 2019 and will return to the stage in the United States just in time for Festival Season.  Killswitch Engage has been confirmed for Welcome to Rockville in May and also the new Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, Ohio in May 2019.





Photos of Born of Osiris in Louisville, KY (Click on any image to open the gallery)




Setlist from Louisville, KY

The End of Heartache
Strength of the Mind
Beyond the Flames
My Curse
Fixation on the Darkness
Alone I Stand
Daylight Dies
Hate by Design
You Don’t Bleed for Me
In the Unblind
My Last Serenade
Rose of Sharyn
This Is Absolution
In Due Time
Holy Diver

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