The Aviators are proving that rock and roll definitely isn’t dead

The Aviators are proving that rock and roll definitely isn’t dead

By Cathy Moore of Moore Rock Shots & Reviews


From the first song of The Aviators’ latest release Flowers and Moonshine, I felt like I had been sucked back into the 1970s when rock ‘n roll was hot and heavy. Even though this is album number 4 from The Aviators, it is the first time I’ve experienced their badass sound. I noticed flavors of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and maybe a little Lynyrd Skynyrd mixed in with the band’s own unique sound and style to bring good ol’ fashioned rock and roll back to the masses.


Flowers and Moonshine is a body of work that authentically reflects 10 years of The Aviators’ blood, sweat, and beers – a mature effort which showcases both their individual strengths and collective prowess, none more evident than on the single “Goodbye To The Rain”. The official music video for this stellar song was released last month, and it garnered over 40,000 views in the first two weeks of its release. It is a cool performance video that gives you a glimpse of the passion these California rockers put into their live shows.

Other standout songs on Flowers and Moonshine include the title track, which is a fun song with lyrics that are light and lascivious. Rock ‘n roll that is just easy to enjoy. “Time” is my favorite song on the album. It’s bluesy and ballsy and the lyrics could be my theme song – “I ain’t got time to be messin’ around.” I also really loved the last track, “Grim Reaper.” It was a catchy and crazy cool jam with hot harmonies in the chorus.


In an era when the perception that rock ‘n roll is a dead art form, The Aviators have eschewed the apathy towards the genre and released an incendiary piece of work that gives a nod to the legends of the past, but also blazes their own trail into the end of the decade. I highly encourage you to check it out!


Flowers and Moonshine Track List:

1 Flowers and Moonshine

2 Going Down Swinging

3 Goodbye to the Rain

4 Time

5 One Last Cigarette

6 Set It Off

7 Blind

8 Destroyer

9 Grim Reaper


The Aviators are:

August – Lead Vocals

Matt – Lead Guitar

Dan – Rhythm Guitar

Matt – Bass

Sherwin – Drums



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