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Review of Align the Tide’s latest album “Dead Religion”

By: Sara Robinson

The album ‘Dead Religion’ is a serious album that brings a cultural viewpoint into a world of metal. It is a cumulative album of tracks sorted and displayed to showcase who Align the Tide is and where they are heading. Each track threads itself into a harder and harder drive.

The design of the album slings a sense of fury that assails the metal monster in “Comedown.” The explosive riveting track “Dead Religion” (also the album title name) is filled with intensity and compulsively designed guitar work. The song, as well as the album, brings Align the Tides message of how they view an overall state of being.

Heavier yet comes the turn with “Dark Passage” this track is insanely fast you almost see sparks of fire and smoke assaulting the guitar to the ears- exceptional guitar work here. “Stillborn” and “Grim” are hauntingly grim- this whole album could be deemed such without question. The album certainly takes you on a metal journey as Align the Tide seem to touch on every force of the metal world. Even touching upon the more melodic side of metal with “Lucid Life.”

A necessary addition to your metal classic collection as ATT has breathed in a dynamic blend of metal sounds, sights and crunched them into a tasty wrap.

‘Dead Religion’ takes inspiration from prayers which remain unanswered, thereby instilling doubt on each person. False advertising from preachers and prophets lighten up the grim thoughts of death with nice ideas of the afterlife, which some people choose to believe it, even though we were not promised anything after death.” – Align The Tide

The band members are Kyle Farrugia – Vocals/Lead Guitar,Nikki Buttigieg – Rhythm Guitar, Danny Dalli – Drums/ Backing Vocals, Gabriel Camilleri – Bass Guitar.

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