Coverage of SEVENDUST & TREMONTI – Vibes Event Center in San Antonio, TX 3/3/19

    Coverage of SEVENDUST & TREMONTI – Vibes Event Center in San Antonio, TX 3/3/19


Images and words by Rene Botello

Road trips bore me, and driving through Texas is quite brutal. But being able to witness the magic of Sevendust playing live was worth 5 hours in the seat.  Another killer thing about going to a rock show is that after a time, you get to know the great people around you. Sevendust has some of the most loyal fans that I have come across.  My friend Chris told me he has been to over 50 shows! That’s some dedication.

This current tour consisted of tour mates Tremonti, Cane Hill, Lullwater and Kirra. Walking into the venue early has its advantages by being able to stage up front, which is helpful if you’re not as tall or if you like being as close as possible to the stage to be close to your rock idols.

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I had never seen Tremonti before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I did see lots of people wearing the bands shirts in troves though.  As soon as the band took the stage, shouts of excitement rang out along with nods of acceptance from person to person. Tremonti delivered on so many levels. Not only was there infectious hooks throughout the songs, but they had quite a heavy punch and face melting guitar solos. Not what I was expecting.  I thoroughly enjoyed the set as did the “L.O.L. Surprise Dolls” that sat on the background speakers. Their setlist included: Cauterize, Things I’ve seen, Throw Them to the Lions, and Wish You Well to name a few.

Having photographed Sevendust before, I knew a few things going in: there would be good light to get some killer photos and they would kick ass playing a selection of over two decades of songs to choose from. Waiting in the packed venue among the crowd you can hear bits and pieces of reminiscent stories of the last time they saw Sevendust live or the glee of finally seeing their favorite band perform.  Each person with their own story, yet part of the big Sevendust family.

Once Sevendust took the stage, everyone went wild, like some crazy caged animals finally set free to rock out for one night! Kicking off with Black, Sevendust left no guessing as to why they have persisted for over 20 years.  Something that I’ve noticed on this tour was the playfulness the band has for each other. You can tell that they love what they do and they do it with precision.  Three songs and out of the photo pit, I was able to enjoy the rest of the set with everyone else. Watching people sing their hearts out to each verse and chorus has a moving impact; something that Sevendust doesn’t take for granted.  They consistently let their fans know how much they are appreciated and that they are part of the big rock family that is global in size. Finishing off the encore with Bitch and Face to Face, Sevendust never disappoints. You can bet on that.

This current tour may be over, but the memories remain forever. To be treasured in secret or shared with anyone that will listen. Sevendust is family.



Tremonti Setlist:

Cauterize, You Waste Your Time, Another Heart, The Things I’ve Seen, The First The Last, Flying Monkeys, Throw Them to The Lions, A Dying Machine, Wish You Well



Sevendust Setlist:

Black, Pieces, Reconnect, Praise, Denial, Dirty, Dead Set, Waffle, Enemy, Angel’s Son, Shine, Thank You, Bitch, Face to Face





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