Review: Echo 2 Locate EP ‘Calling Out’ Single/Video “High”

Review: Echo 2 Locate EP ‘Calling Out’ Single/Video “High”
Out of Baltimore, Maryland, the band Echo 2 Locate sends a formative mix of pop-punk, grunge, alternative rock, and metal influences, into what they create musically. Their sound though you could easily say doesn’t fit into any one pocket of music. Echo 2 Locate has created a unique sound and image for themselves.
Their recent music video release “High” certainly connects all the dots of what this bands message is– a realization that we all have things we deal with but we can still accept each other. “High” deals with mania a sometimes misunderstood part of many humans minds, however, the song helps us all to relate better to it and what is happening during mania.
Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Rhiannon Neagle relays,
“…The importance of everybody laying down at the end is actually crucial to the representation of ‘High’ as it represents the exhaustion after mania and how mania can never last forever.(‘I don’t need the ground beneath my feet, cause I just wanna feel so high’) However, just because that’s the meaning we gave the song and the video, doesn’t mean that’s what it will be for you. That’s why we kept it simple. Our job is to create music for our fans to connect to in their own way and to make them feel or think in a way that they haven’t before.”  
Their EP as a whole ‘Calling Out’ is an exceptionally charged piece of music from track to track. Definitely looking forward to hearing what is to come next from Echo 2 Locate.
— Bridges Longbroade
 Calling Out – EP

“Calling Out” – Ep (Released 2018)

1. Calling Out

2. Faster

3. Everything From Nothing

4. Wastelands

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©2018 Echo 2 Locate

Recorded at Heid Studios.

Engineered, mixed, and mastered with Heid Studios

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