Tropidelic – Bunbury Music Festival Day 2


By Megan Randall

Many fans “Bunbury” for their own reasons or in different ways. It may be just a weekend hanging out with friends, or you sought it out because one of your can’t miss bands made the lineup this year, but one of the best reasons to hit the festival is to discover hidden gems. One such treasure is Ohio’s own Tropidelic.

Hailing from Cleveland, this six member band is definitely a unique flavor to come out of the area’s strong rock/industrial music scene. The sound is more expected in South Florida rather than North Broadway. The songs are notably reggae as you can probably derive from the band’s moniker, but with unexpected interjections of strong rap vocals.

Tropidelic rocked the Sawyer Point Stage midday Day 2 of Bunbury this year, but wholeheartedly they should be back. The large Bunbury tagline hoisted overhead the stage, “Be here. Be you. Be free” seemed to match their set’s atmosphere. Fan favorite “Hey You” pulled the crowd in closer and “Dollar Saved” wowed attendees with the range.

There are fortunately plenty of ways to appreciate Tropidelic post-Bunbury. The band is currently on tour in the Midwest and in the eastern U.S. through this fall. Their new album, “Here in the Heights,” is available now. Still can’t get enough? The band co-hosts an annual Ohio music festival, The Freakstomp. You can catch it this fall. This year’s lineup features Zoo Trippin, a band we covered for last year’s Bunbury Music Festival.

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