SWIM THE CURRENT – Release New Single From Their Project “Temperature Maps”

Tri-State NJ – The project Swim the Current headed up by guitarist Greg Antine has released his next single “Temperature Maps”. This time the guest on Swim the Current’s release is vocalist Greg Christie who has played locally in the area off and on for several years. Greg’s vocal contribution has set a tone that continues to showcase what a project like Swim the Current can produce when musicians come together and meld their talents. “Temperature Maps” certainly is a leader in the realm of modern collaborations between well-respected musicians and long time friends.

‘”Temperature Maps”, from a lyrical perspective, is about anger. It’s about those times when you’re in an argument with someone you love, when your relationship is deeply strained, and you’re at that breaking point where if you don’t just pull back, or “turn your temperature down”, you run the risk of doing or saying something you’re bound to regret. The song is about pleading with yourself to step back from that edge before you spin out of control and destroy everything you love. ” – Greg Christie Vocals “Temperature Maps” Swim the Current

All instruments, recording, and production for “Temperature Maps” done by Greg Antine.Vocals performed by Greg Christie at his Farmhouse. Mastering Chris Black Second Sight Music Videos. Video by Chris Black and Joe Gregory of Second Sight Music Videos


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