Album Review – Blacktop Mojo’s EP “Static” Out May 29th, 2020

Blacktop Mojo upcoming EP”Static”

by Cathy Moore

In a time when we are forced to live without live music, new recorded music is the next best thing. And for me, new music from Blacktop Mojo makes dealing with this pandemic so much more tolerable!


The boys from Texas have created a new four-track EP called Static which will be released to the world on May 29. Static might only have four songs, but they are full of fire and an intense, emotional musicality. Every track feels extremely personal – like taking a journey into the heart and head of someone who has been through some tough times and the anguish and anger definitely comes through in the impassioned vocals and fervent strains.


The first single from the EP, “The End”, was written after a break-up according to a social media post by vocalist Matt James. “We had just gotten the opportunity of a lifetime and the break up had occurred a few days prior to us receiving the news,” James wrote. “When we went in to rehearse that day it occurred to me that that person who had been there for many of the band’s ups and downs, would no longer be sharing in those ups and downs with me. That thought put my chest in a vice grip. The guys started playing what came to be this song and I took all the anger and mixed up feelings I had about the whole thing.” This song is incredible. It crescendos from hypnotic verses to heavy choruses and beautifully articulates the dark and raw emotion.


The second track, “Watch Me Drown”, has more of a power ballad sound, but the lyrics and music evoke a sense of sadness and desperation. James said the song is a message that bottling up feelings is mentally and physically unhealthy. “Never be afraid or ashamed to reach out to those around you, or to a professional if you’re having trouble. We all need help sometimes,” James wrote. There are some incredible harmonies towards the end of this track – symbolic of the whole band supporting each other through life and through music. It’s one of the most endearing things about this group aside from the amazing musical talent.


Things slow down for the sultry groove of track three, “Leave it Alone”. The song starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and later jams with a kick ass electric guitar piece. The brilliance of this song, though, is really in the lyrics. Some of the most creative and captivating lyrics I’ve ever hear like “hard eyes swallow whole” and “pain captured in kodachrome.” I mean come on. Freaking fantastic. It’s the longest song on the EP so it involves plenty of masterful musical elements.


The last song on the EP is “Signal’s Gone” and it is my favorite song on the EP – and I’d say in my top 5 favorite Blacktop Mojo songs ever. Something about the simplicity – acoustic guitar and James’ soulful and powerful vocals – just captures your soul and makes you feel like closing your eyes and falling into a place where that music is all that exists. The song feels like a sorrowful end to something so it is appropriate that it is the last track on this incredible EP.



I’ve followed Blacktop Mojo since I first heard their unbelievable version of Aerosmith’s iconic song “Dream On” several years ago. I’m continuously awed by their impressive talent. Just when I think they can’t get any better – they prove me wrong and outdo themselves. Static is another awesome achievement that will further catapult these humble and hardworking guys into musical superstardom. Make sure you get your copy when it drops on May 29, and follow Blacktop Mojo on social media to catch live performances streamed on social media.


Blacktop Mojo is:
Matt James (vocals)
Nathan Gillis (drums)
Matt Curtis (bass)
Ryan Kiefer (lead guitar)
Chuck Wepfer (guitar)
Connect with Blacktop Mojo:
Official Website: http://www.blacktopmojo.com/

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