Writing From the Soul – Mitchel Evan Releases His Self-Titled Album

Mitchel Evan Releases His Much Anticipated Self-Titled Album,
Along with his Single/Video “Baby Go Back To Bed”
with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
“An autobiography set to music is exactly what Mitchel Evan has delivered with this project. A revealing of glimpses really over a variety of life events told in song. Carefully structured poetry it almost seems like at times when listening to the album as a whole. Mitchel has a way with words that paints a picture and you find yourself swept up into the emotion he is delivering. It is such a simple album really. Told in a way that story/singers used to tell. Mitchel obviously had a vision with these tracks and he laid them all succinctly into the best pattern possible. One of the, if not the best Indie album of this year. Mitchel Evan is a modern-day artist to the highest degree.” – Valerie Welch
Track Listing:
1. Band-Aid
2. Lonesome Love
3. As Far As You Know
4. Cancel Out The Noise
5. Let Me Down Easy
6. Baby Go Back To Bed
7. The Distance
8. Kansas City Lights
9. Gotta Be A Way
10. Leeches
11. Work Of Art
12. Everything To Nothing

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