Interview with David and Troy of Lovesick Radio


If you were to brand the sound of Lovesick Radio where would you place yourselves?
David: Working-class rock n roll on steroids. & We wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Troy: Yeah, def blue-collar American Rock…work for everything you get and leave it all on the stage. No tricks or gimmicks…just loud guitars and passion.
Do you feel your style of rock music is best showcased on stage?
Troy: I really do. The recording has come a long way, but NOTHING sounds or feels like the experience you get live. The guitars sound the way they should with tune amps cranked, you can feel the kick and bass, and you get all the theatrics of a show. That for me is what rock and roll are and how it should be showcased.
Talk to us about your latest release – “Nothing Left To Lose” didn’t the single actually come out last year?
David: Actually No. But Classic Rock Magazine did decide to include it in their pick for track of the week before we were planning on releasing it which we were very surprised about & very thankful for. Lucky it gave us a lot of buzz on the song. 
Great tune by the way. Was there a reason though the video was delayed for it?
David: Video wasn’t really delayed. We just wanted to make sure we had all of our ducks in a row when we released “Nothing Left To Lose”. We believe in the song & want it to have the best shot to get to the listeners’ eyes & ears. 
You have some great people in the lineup you worked with on this track too. Rival Sons got a mention. How did that connection come about?
David: Troy & I spoke about having keys on a few songs. So I took a chance & reached out to Todd Ogren cuz I love what he does in Rival Sons. Lucky he dug the track & played brilliantly on it. 
You have performed alongside and in a lineup with some great artists and musicians. Any in particular along the way that was moments of “This is freaking cool!”?
Troy: We have def been blessed to play alongside some killer bands, but depending on situations, how much face time you get with them can be limited. So getting to just take in shows from bands you love side stage is always a “freaking cool” moment, but honestly for me…just as “freaking cool” moments are where we have been lucky to play…top probably being China believe it or not…simply because it was so different than anything we have ever experienced.
Striving always to rock out a song… what are some of your plans to take our music back on the road?
Troy: So the plan is to basically control the things we can control. If 2020 taught us anything it is that. You start to worry about things you can’t control and you will be a wreck. Focus on what you can…keeping your chops up rehearsing with the band as well as on your own. Another big part is just staying healthy both mentally and physically. I personally invested more time at the gym this past year than ever…i think it will pay dividends by the time we start to play out. Staying fit is key for putting on a great show night after night…when the call comes, we will def be ready to go!
More new tracks coming in 2021?
David: Hell Yes! Look for a lot of music coming at you in 2021. 
Troy: without question…we have a pretty good stash already and still writing more.
Any shows to shout out as of yet?
David: 1st show-up is May 20th in Columbus, Ohio for QFM 96. Visit lovesicksickradioband.com for more info & more dates to be announced. Also, follow us Bandsintown for more show updates when they are announced.



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