Interview with Monica Soe and Rob Volkoff of the Metal Band – Aseity


Randy Stillwater: Who are Aseity and what does your band bring to the table when it comes to sound and meaning?

Monica Soe: Aseity is currently a two-member project; Rob is the guitarist, and I’m the vocalist. However, we hope to build a community to make Aseity more than just about music. 

Rob Volkoff: Our sound is a blend of nostalgic female-fronted rock with modern metalcore vibes. Think Evanescence mixed with Veil of Maya. 

Randy Stillwater: What inspires you about the scene you have in the area?

Rob Volkoff: The extensive amount of talented musicians in the area that connect with each other. 

Randy Stillwater: What is something Aseity has done to help the band scene that has improved or brought attention to your local music community?

Monica Soe and Rob Volkoff: Connecting with local musicians and fans and building relationships.

Randy Stillwater: Your new single “Silent Whispers” has a great message. What do you hope people walk away with after hearing it?

Monica Soe: I’m hoping that it inspires people in bad situations to get out. To finally stand up for themselves and for what they believe.  

Randy Stillwater: Who all came together to work on this single and will you be working again on the next project?

Monica Soe: Rob basically wrote the instrumentation in a day and brought Shane Smith into work on drums, and we brought Taylor Barber in for the guest vocals, and Daniel Gailey mixed and mastered the track. We don’t currently have plans for this exact team in the future, but we like experimenting so you never know! 

Randy Stillwater: Is “Silent Whispers” a guide as a new single to what your new music your working on sounds like?  Will there be an eventual  EP that will relate to the sounds? Any branched off or diversity that will be surprising to your fans at all?

Monica Soe: Honestly, we won’t have any two songs that sound alike. Silent Whispers is going to be one of our heaviest songs for now, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get heavy in the future. We do have plans for an EP but it’s a secret, so you’ll have to follow us! I’m sure our fans will be pretty surprised with how diverse our music will get!

Randy Stillwater: Who has been some of the bands’ biggest influences musically?

Rob Volkoff: Veil of Maya, Architects, Evanescence. 

Randy Stillwater: As a band would Aseity ever consider doing a cover song? If so, any particular song?

Monica Soe: I do them on my own accord, but I doubt we will as Aseity. We like doing original music for now.

Randy Stillwater: As the world becomes “normal” again what are a few things you a ready to get back into?

Rob Volkoff: Going to shows again!

Monica Soe: Being able to go out in public without anxiety in general.

Randy Stillwater: Have you guys talked about shows/tours and if so any dates or special events you want to share with the readers?

Monica Soe: Honestly, we won’t be playing shows any time soon. We really want to focus on building a strong fan base first and getting music out.

Randy Stillwater: If would pass along a piece of advice to a young band just beginning to help them through either a struggle or growth, what would it be and why?

Rob Volkoff: These three steps are the most essential:

  1. Perfect your craft. 2. Be nice to everyone who walks in your path. 3. Be patient. 

My experience in the music industry and local scene has all come down to those three steps. 

Randy Stillwater: Where can we find out more about Aseity and the best place to follow you would be?

Monica Soe: We are on all social media platforms as @AseityOfficial. I think we’re most active on Facebook and Instagram. Also, we have merch at aseityband.com and the best way to support us is to buy merch because it helps fund the music! 

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