Interview with Jordan West of Testarossa

Rock All Photography: Hey thank you for joining us for a few minutes. You have been busy! How many singles have you had come out this year or are looking to have come out?

Jordan West: It’s my pleasure, thank you. “Knocking Outside Your Door” is actually the only single out so far this year. We have a few more coming out, maybe three more, before the album releases for online platforms in August

RAP:  Do you find yourself writing piles of songs and you end up with more than you will probably ever finish out for your own projects?

Jordan West: Oh my god, yes! Way too many songs. Between studio demos, demos on our computers, on our phones, there’s probably an entire catalog that we don’t even remember how to play. After we’re long gone, they’ll be saying we’re alive on an island somewhere still writing music with Tupac and Prince.

RAP:  Where do your inspirations come from for writing?

Jordan West: Everything around us. We’re not philosophers or poets and we don’t pretend to be so. We didn’t invent the jack and coke, we’re just dropping a couple of ice cubes in to cool you off and leave you feeling refreshed. The music is a soundtrack of our life experiences. Whether it’s people or places, sad, funny, serious. Colten could make a power ballad out of a bad experience at the grocery store.

RAP: Most musicians have a particular instrument they favor what is each band member’s favorite instrument to play and is there a particular brand preferred?

Jordan West: I play lead guitar, Blake likes slappin da bass, Colten is the singer and singer lays down some mean slide guitar (and leads), Buddy is like the young, two armed Rick Allen. As far as brands, Splawn amplification is hands down the best. We have so many guitars I don’t think it’d be fair to pick one or two brands, so I like whoever will hook us up with sponsorship!

Rock All Photography: “Knocking Outside Your Door” certainly is powerful, making a bold statement. Talk to us about your latest release.

Jordan West: In short, Blake’s brother was driving one day in the rain and a kid was walking down the side of the road. He stopped and gave him a ride, gave him some cash, got him a coffee. The kid ends up pulling a gun and told him he was going to kill himself at work, but the fact that someone he didn’t even know helped him out changed his mind. This song just speaks to the fact that any gesture of kindness can literally save someone’s life.

RAP: How is Testarossa taking this song’s experience to help others? And what can your listeners do to help?

Jordan West: We’ve donated proceeds of the release to suicide prevention. The suicide prevention phone number is in the video, if you know anyone that needs help or if you need help, please don’t wait. Listeners can share the video and tell us what it means to you! Be kind.

RAP:  Who all did you have involved with on the single?

Jordan West: Joe Potts who produced and recorded the album with Shaun Singerling, Wes Cobb filmed it for us, and our friend Jake played the kid, and Blake’s brother actually played himself!

RAP: Following the band, one can certainly see that Testarossa has consistently done things to help others out. A humanitarian band… can rock n roll be used to promote kindness?

Jordan West: Not only can it, but it should be! With the state of rock nowadays, I think it’s more important now than ever that we pull each other up. There’s a lot of talent out there.

RAP:  What can we expect from Testarossa? Are we going to be able to catch a show soon?

Jordan West: Yes, we have several shows coming up in July just about every weekend including the Lincoln Theatre on the 24th. We have some in August have a few possibilities in the fall, we’ll keep you posted!

RAP: Where are you with the next single release? Any date set for the next one?

Jordan West: We have a few we may push out on the next two months or so, no particular date. One is about ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled! It’s a banger! Maybe our heaviest release yet!

RAP: Where can we find Testarossa’s music and merch?

Jordan West: All social media pages are @testarossarocks Twitter is @testarossaband
You can keep up with releases, and we have links to the merch store https://teespring.com/stores/testarossa

RAP: The phone call just came… What venue would Testarossa love to play in and who would you like to be in the lineup for this performance?

Jordan West: Oh man, that’s a hard question actually! There are so many venues we’d love to play! Festivals, cruises, a stadium tour would be cool. I also still love playing here at home in Charlotte too. Maybe Wembley with Aerosmith, Tesla, and Warrant. That would be a cool show I feel. Buddy would probably include Def Leppard

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